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 yale anti_snap_cylinder

Lock snapping is still a new crime trend, if your door locks were fitted after 2010 then you may be vulnerable.

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Ultra Violet pens, or Security Marking Pens as they are sometimes called are a tool designed to protect your property.
The basic idea is that you draw an identifiable symbol or postcode onto your valuable items, if they are stolen and subsequently recovered the authorities can use a Ultra Violet light to search for your identification.

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There are a number of futuristic options if you are thinking of buying a fingerprint door lock, we have a look at some of them here. In this article we have a look at the pros and cons of a couple of models, have a look and compare them to push button and digital door locks that are also available.

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squire 50cs_padlock

This article looks at two of the best padlocks that can also be used for motorcycles, scooters, sheds, garages or anything!  They are both from Squire and are a real form of protection.  We have added details of both products as size and cost may be an issue.

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 The most common method of stealing a motorcycle or scooter is to lift them onto the back of a van according to the Home Office's 'Steer Clear of Bike Crime' crime prevention guide.

The guide advises to always try and secure your motorbike or scooter to something which is solid and cannot be moved, like a ground anchor.

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