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  • Around 1 in 6 adults estimated of being the victim of at least one crime.
  • House break ins increased by 23%
  • Violent crime increase to 236,000 crimes.

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prevent bike_crimev1Are you a bike owner?

This article uses official figures to show how many bikes thefts took place in England and Wales and where possible Scotland.
• About 1 in every 37 bike owning households were victims of bike theft in 2013/14.
• The risk of having your bike stolen is HIGHER in England & Wales than Scotland.

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twoc 1

• Nearly half of vehicles broken into in London were HACKED.
• Car crime increasing elsewhere.
• The Met advises considering steering locks, gear locks or pedal locks.

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Apple held the top positions for the most commonly stolen mobiles phones between 2012 and 2014.  Read on to find which models.

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fake tv_overview_image

Fake TV is a simple product designed to make it look like someone is home and so deterring a potential thief from attacking your property. Most people have light timer devices, that turn lights on and off to give the same effect, this is a development from that idea.

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