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Solar Security Lights: 4 of the Best

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There are many Solar Security Lights on the market here we show 4 of the best in a range of price brackets.
We explain what you should I look for before purchasing.
The Star Buy is revealed.

None of these products require any mains power – their main advantage for protecting your garden, shed or home, other areas to be considered include:

  1. IP rating. IP stands for Ingress Protection and refers to how resistant electrical equipment is to dust and fluid.  For further detail please see the base of this article.  
  2. Does it have a motion sensor and if so, what distance can it detect.
  3. How well does it charge during winter months when there will be low solar levels.

The Solar Centre ECO Wedge Motion Welcome Light

Price. Under £15
Includes motion sensor feature.
The brightness is equal to a 50 watt incandescent bulb
Stays on for 10 seconds once motion detected.
The light can activate up to 250 times per night once motion is detected
Everything needed to install in the box.
The manufacturers state a well located panel will be enough for this unit to work in winter.

12 month warranty
IP64 Waterproofing.  Meaning it can withstand 'water sprayed from all directions - limited ingress permitted.'
The unit charges automatically.

Advantages. There is no separate solar panel, meaning everything is contained in one unit, making install very easy.
It gives off a soft glow so potential thieves will now its there – this could work as a deterrent.
Disadvantage. Due to its size, this will not illuminate a large area.
Follow this link to Amazon to read customer reviews.  The Solar Centre ECO Wedge Motion Welcome Light

PowerBee Signaller Twin Head Solar Security Light

As low as £30 on Amazon
Output equivalent to a 45w mains bulb.
12 months warranty as standard.
The motion sensor is active for between 1m and 12m, with a 120 degree angle.

Advantage. It has two heads, which can be swivelled up and down and side to side to direct the light at different areas.
Disadvantage. There are a number of issues highlighted on Amazon reviews, read here PowerBee ® Signaller Twin Head Solar Security Light  

Star Buy. The Solar Centre Evo SMD Security Light

Under £40
Motion activated
It is a 100 Watt equivalent
Can handle 500 triggers per night (if you need that many!)
Works in winter.
2 year warranty.
Range for the motion sensor is 12m
IP56 rated.
Advantages. Comes with a 2 year gurantee, this shows how confident the manufactuers are with its weatherproofing.
Disadvantages. Nothing really, it's a great unit.

Read customer reviews at Amazon here The Solar Centre Evo SMD Security Light

The Solar Centre Astron Solar Floodlight

Price £130
This is one serious piece of kit. It is designed to stay on all of the time and is remote controlled. If you're looking for a motion sensing piece of kit, this isn't it.
The floodlight will come on for approximately 6 hours each night, before turning itself off.
It's IP56 rated and can light a large area.
It's equivalent to 100 watt light and will run for up to 12 hours when fully charged.
Advantages. It lights a huge area.
Disadvantages. It doesn't detect motion.

. Read more about the The Solar Centre Astron Solar Floodlight


These units can all help prevent the potential for becoming one of the 2,000+ victims of garden and shed related theft each day.

IP Rating.  The higher the numbers the better, the first and second number relate to different things, the top score is 6 and 8.  The first number refers to dust, 5 is the second best and states 'Dust - limited ingress, no harmful deposits.' The second number relates to fluid, 5 = can withstand 'low pressure jets of water from all directions - limited ingress permitted.'  The two higher numbers, 7 and 8 mean the light can be immersed in water, this is not needed for solar security lights.

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