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Solar Security Lights

The Evo36 Solar Security Light is probably the best value solar security light, it has 36 LEDs and does not need mains electricity and so can be fitted quickly and easily.  The solar panel charges the power source during the day.

How is the Evo36 Solar Powered Security Light controlled?

The Evo36 has a powerful 2W solar panel to charge the high capacity battery during the day.  At night the Evo36 illuminates when it detects motion in the same way as mains powered security lights. 

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It's forensic crime prevention - see the video here.

How do I install the Evo36 Solar Powered Security Light?

As the Evo36 is solar powered it does not need mains power - this makes it very easy and quick to install, with no electricians needed.

  1. Mount the Evo36 solar security light
  2. Mount the Evo36 solar panel within 5m of the light
  3. Plug the panel cable into the light unit

 Like all solar security lights, the Evo36 can be placed anywhere outside allowing you the freedom to light any area without needing to call an electrician to install a costly outdoor mains supply.

How powerful is the Evo36 Solar Powered Security Light?

 The Evo36 solar powered security light is the equivalent to 100 Watt and can be viewed on the video above

How many times can the Evo36 Solar Powered Security Light trigger during a night?

The Evo36 solar powered security light can be triggered up to 500 times in a night

Does the Evo36 Solar Powered Security Light work during winter?

The Evo36 is designed to work all year, even during winter.  To get the best performance the solar panel should be placed in a south facing direction, in an area where sunlight is not blocked, especially during the 10am - 2pm time period, with the panel angled towards the sun.

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What dimensions is the Evo36 Solar Powered Security Light?

Width  135mm
Depth  85mm
Height 250mm

Solar Panel 195mm x 175mm

Technical information about the Evo36 Solar Powered Security Light

  • Fully adjustable light and sensor position
  • Panel can be mounted up to 5m away from lighting unit
  • Adjustable sensitivity, lux and time settings
  • Li-ion 2200mAh battery included
  • Powerful 2w solar panel
  • Light turns off after motion stops (this is adjustable 10 - 80 seconds)

Why is the Evo 36 Such a Great Value Solar Security Light?

This model is brighter than most* other solar security lights that sell for under £50 (*the manufacturer says all !)

The traditional security light housing with its innovative reflector design multiplies the brightness, combined with the high powered LEDs makes this a bright unit.  What adds the great value is that it's solar powered and has no running costs.  Electricity prices are increasing, this unit will work using just the power of the sun.  If you are worried about a lack of sunlight in winter a Evo Booster Solar Panel upgrade is available for about £20 to boost performance in non-solar friendly locations. 

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