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squire 50cs_padlock

This article looks at two of the best padlocks that can also be used for motorcycles, scooters, sheds, garages or anything!  They are both from Squire and are a real form of protection.  We have added details of both products as size and cost may be an issue.

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 The most common method of stealing a motorcycle or scooter is to lift them onto the back of a van according to the Home Office's 'Steer Clear of Bike Crime' crime prevention guide.

The guide advises to always try and secure your motorbike or scooter to something which is solid and cannot be moved, like a ground anchor.

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 garage defender

This simple product is a tested and approved way of improving your garage door security.  It has Sold Secure Bronze award and is made in England. 

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prevent car_crimes

Although the Nav-Mat II Ultra Thin Dash Mount doesn't cost a great deal it still offers a great solution to the threat of sat nav theft.  

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Garage door_opener

Sold Secure are an organisation who test security products. Manufacturers can apply to have their products tested by Sold Secure, with those approved gaining the Sold Secure Quality Mark.

Information on these approved products is then sent to crime prevention officers, insurance companies, the Home Office, the public and the media.

What categories of sold secure exist?

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