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Keyless Entry Door Lock

Yale digital_door_lock

There are many options, but what are the best keyless entry door locks? Here we look at the options for a range of prices.

Electronic Keyless Locks

Yale Digital Door Lock with Touch Pad Display

Electronic keyless locks have many advantages, you don’t have to use keys, or worry where you have left them anymore – a single code can be used. They often work with existing door lock fittings (however this should be checked), a code can be temporaily given to a visitor and landlords can change codes easily when tenants leave. There are a number on the market, here we look at three very different models.

Digital Door Locks for about £100

Lets start with those locks currently priced at about £100 at the time of writing this article. This is the lower end of the cost range for a digital door lock.

Yale KeyFree Digital Door Lock with Touch Pad Display

The Yale Keyless Digital door lock can be retro fitted to most 60mm backset nightlaches.

Set your pin code. Forget about needing keys again, simply enter your code and turn the handle.


This lock looks great with it’s chrome finish and stylish blue backlit display.

Great support to aid fitting yourself is available with the instructions and the video above.

Just enter your pin and turn the handle, no need to try and find your key when it is raining!

You can choose a 4 to 12 digit code to use, this is very simple to programme.

The illumination and backlighting is ideal for night time use.

If you have guests then are temporay code can be set for their use.

3 minute lock out feature if code is entered incorrectly 5 times.

Low battery warning with emergency battery connection.

Insurance approved if it is fitted with a Maximum Security BS3621 Mortice Lock.

Simple to install yourself.

Yale digital door lock, convenient, simple and intelligent.


They are more expensive than a traditional key operated door lock, but for that price you get a modern, convenient, great looking door lock.

Read customer reviews of the Yale Digital Door Lock with Touch Pad Display product  here from Amazon.

Keyless Door Entry

The second option is the SAMSUNG DIGITAL SECURITY LOCK .


This is a mid-range price bracket unit, although it is considerably more expensive than the Yale option.

As you can if you click on the Amazon picture link below, or watch one of the two videos this is a very sleek looking product – winning design awards.

Some models include a Intrusion alarm function, this may be a benefit.

In addition some models have the ability to sound the alarm and open the door if fire is detected within your home!

The lock can be operated by a smart card, the smartcard can be carried in a wallet purse and the door can still be opened.


This is quite a bit more expensive than some of the other options on the market, a negative for some.

There is not a strong set of independent customer reviews and testing for this product.

Product detail.

The product weighs 1.8kg

With dimensions of 27 x 21 x 8cm

The power source is 4 x AA batteries

High End Models

There are a number of more expensive models such as this from Samsung below, however they are considerably more expensive than the other two models featured in this short article. We have included a product link to one of the higher end models below, at the time of writing the SAMSUNG DIGITAL SECURITY LOCK  does not have any independent customer reviews recorded.

If you are thinking about purchasing a digital door lock watch the videos highlighted in this article and read the independent reviews on the Amazon website, they can be viewed here digital door lock reviews.

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