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Crime Prevention Products

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There are many Solar Security Lights on the market here we show 4 of the best in a range of price brackets.
We explain what you should I look for before purchasing.
The Star Buy is revealed.

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Fake TV is a simple product designed to make it look like someone is home and so deterring a potential thief from attacking your property. Most people have light timer devices, that turn lights on and off to give the same effect, this is a development from that idea.

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Depending on the type you order keypad door locks can be used on garden gates, garage doors, sheds, external doors, internal doors and cupboards. There are a large range available, we look at some of the options here.

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Digital door viewers are LCD screens that let you see who is on the other side of your door - it's a modern update on old style peep hole viewers that give a small, distorted view of who is outside your door.  There are a number of models on the market, this article provides an overview of one.

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There are many different types and makes of bike locks so here we look at the best locks for cycles.  The same lock will not be the best for different situations.  Some of the locks featured here are very big, they are secure, but hard to carry around.  If you're just popping out for a coffee you may want a lighter lock while you sit with your bike in full view.   The best in a range of different styles are highlighted including folding locks and high security locks.

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