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Mobile Phones - Which are stolen the most?


Apple held the top positions for the most commonly stolen mobiles phones between 2012 and 2014.  Read on to find which models.

What Phones are Most Commonly Stolen - Overview

  • iPhone5 was the most commonly stolen phone
  • Women and those aged 14-24 most likely to be victims
  • 2000 phones stolen every day in England and Wales

What are the Most Common Phones Stolen in 2012 - 2014

1. iPhone5
2. iPhone5c
3. iPhone5s
4. iPhone4s
5. Blackberry 9790

This list relates to thefts between August 2012 and January 2014, within England and Wales – sorry, no information was available for Scotland or Northern Ireland.
This list will develop all the time, but it gives an indication of what is stolen. iPhones can be cold on for up to £250, highlighting their value to a thief. These items are often on display and a great temptation for a criminal to take from you.

Who is Most Likely to have their Phone Stolen?

  • Women
  • 14-24 year old male and females

    These are the two groups most likely to become a victim, they are quite broad classifications !  The message is as always please think about crime prevention.

    How to Stop my Phone Being Stolen

    Be aware of your surroundings, pick pockets rely on you not being aware. More thefts take place in the city, again be aware if you live, work or travel in these areas.
    Don't leave you phone unattended – even for a short time, phones that are left unattended, even for a short time, was the second most common form of theft. Don't leave it on a table, seat, or in a coat or bag, take it with you.
    Force may be used in certain scenarios, this can involve violence or the threat of violence.

    Are there any Products that can Help?

    Personal Attack Alarms . These are small, low cost and can be effective. The good ones omit a high volume alarm that can attract attention and deter a potential offender. A list of Sold Secure Gold rated alarms can be found here, they cost between £5 and £10.

    Cat Bells . Yes, the humble cat bell can help. This Home Office research stated pick pocketing was the most common way phones were stolen. A cat bell can be fitted onto phone cases, or bags and purses and will alert you if someone tries to steal from you. Cat bells are very cheap, a few pounds and can be found here.


    Your SmartPhone is very attractive to thieves as they can easily be stolen and sold on for a profit. Women and those aged 14-24 are most commonly victims.
    A huge number of phones are stolen every day, try and reduce the chances of becoming the next victim by thinking about security, your surroundings and investing in crime prevention products such as a cat bell of personal protection alarm.


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