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How Many Crimes in Scotland in 2012/13

  • Around 1 in 6 adults estimated of being the victim of at least one crime.
  • House break ins increased by 23%
  • Violent crime increase to 236,000 crimes.

Crime types increasing and decreasing and key points from the Scottish Crime Survey can be found in this article.
Or if you would like to see an Infographic with this information included click on the Crimes in Scotland in 2013 link.

Levels of Crime in Scotland Last Year

  1. There were 815,000 crimes as measured by the SCJS in 2012/13, including:
  2. Approximately 579,000 property crimes involving theft or damage to personal or household property (including vehicles)
  3. Approximately 236,000 violent crimes of assault or robbery
  4. House breaking increased from 28000 in 2010/11 to 35000 in 2012/13, an increase of 23%
  5. Violent crime increased by 7%, from 220000 to 236000

  6. The main place where property crime took place was immediately outside the home
  7. The risk of being a victim of a crime is 16.9% in 2012/13.
  8. The risk of crime is lower in Scotland than in England and Wales where the victimisation rate was 18.7% in 2012/13.
  9. What Crime Prevention Methods Were Used?

    The SCS had a section focussing on what respondents had in place in the last year to try and reduce the risk they would become a victim of crime.  Two main areas of crime, Violent Crime and Housebreaking increased in Scotland last year, so we've focussed on them first.

    Around a quarter of adults said they had either not left their home empty, or left a light on or on a timer (26%). These are positive steps. Update versions of this technique include a device that mimics the look of a TV being left on in your home. Find Fake TV in our shop.

    16% had installed some type of security device for thier home.  A range of products such as security lights, alarms and new locks fall into this category.  It is a good idea to consider Sold Secure or Secure By Design tested products, see a range in our shop.

    Only 4% had security marked their property. There are many different ways to security mark your property. Some UV pens cost a few pounds, but there are well known disadvantages to these. A discount code for the market leading Forensic Marking product, giving a huge discount can be found here, there is also a video showing how it works.

    Violent Crime
    A very small proportion said they either carried a personal alarm (2%). This is a very small percentage, Sold Secure approved personal security alarms cost £8-£10, are very small and a easy crime prevention technique to use. See a range of them in our shop.

    Further information about how to try and prevent becoming a victim can be found here.

    What is the Scottish Crime Survey?

    The survey involved12,045 adults aged 16 and over being interviewed. Time period covered: respondents were asked about incidents experienced in the 12 months prior to the month of interview (the reference period). The time period covered by the data included in this report extends over 23 months (April 2011 to February 2013) so is not directly comparable with any calendar year.

    What to do if you are Worried About Crime

    If you think you have been a victim of crime, may become a victim of crime or feel threatened always contact your local Police Force.
    Being proactive and increasing your crime prevention awareness and crime prevention products you use may also help reduce the chances of you or a family member becoming a victim.

    Free crime prevention guides covering a range of topics can be found here.

    A number of crime prevention products can be found here.

    Scottish Crime Survey 2012/13

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