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How Many Bikes Were Stolen in 2013/14?

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This article uses official figures to show how many bikes thefts took place in England and Wales and where possible Scotland.
• About 1 in every 37 bike owning households were victims of bike theft in 2013/14.
• The risk of having your bike stolen is HIGHER in England & Wales than Scotland.

How Many Bikes Were Stolen in England and Wales in 2013/14

  • Over the year 376,000 bicycles were estimated to be stolen in England & wales during 2013 / 2014.
  • That's over a thousand each day on average
  • Approximately 1 in 37 bike owning homes were affected last year alone.

One other line is worth noting, an estimated 27,000 children aged 10-15 were victims of cycle theft during this time.

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Bike Thefts in Scotland in 2012/13

Figures for the same period are not available for Scotland, however the Scottish Crime and Justice Survey does report on the risk of being a victim in 2012/13.
The risk of Other Household Theft (the crime group that includes Bicycles theft) is greater in England and Wales than Scotland.

  • Rate of theft per 1,000 adults is 16 for England and Wales
  • Rate of theft per 1,000 adults is 14.3 for Scotland

So this may be taken as good news by the bicycle owning population of Scotland, it's not as good for those living in England or Wales as you are at higher risk of becoming a victim. 

No matter where you live it is worth considerting how you store your bike at home and when you are out and about.  Many models cost hundreds of pounds, they may be covered on your insurance (check your policy) however that may take time to payout and you will still have the negative feelings associated with being a victim.

How to try and Prevent Having my Bike Stolen

Three main areas could help with this.

  1. Following basic crime prevention advice as shown here.  This is the first option.  Simply refreshing your crime prevention knowledge and the practices followed could be a help.
  2. Being aware of crime within your area.  Take notice of the local media to see if other crimes are taking place near your home.  Offences where you live could indicate there are criminals operating.
  3. Investing in crime prevention products.  Many different products are available, some better than others. do not sell any products directly, but do have a range in our shop.  Most of these are Sold Secure or Secure By Design tested and should indicate a higher level of security.
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The majority of bike thefts take place from the home, try and securely store your bike when it is not in use.
One good method to consider is a ground anchor, a range of these can be found in our shop, look for Sold Secure or Secured by Design tested products. 

If you haven't got a garage, or your shed is too cluttered then consider using the 5% off discount code for the Sold Secure rated four bike secure storage lockerpod+, these may help with storage room for up to four cycles.

Crime Survey for England and Wales 2013/14
Scottish Crime and Justice Survey 2012/13

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