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Car Theft Increasing ?

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• Nearly half of vehicles broken into in London were HACKED.
• Car crime increasing elsewhere.
• The Met advises considering steering locks, gear locks or pedal locks.

Old Problem, New Method – Vehicle Hacking

89,000 vehicles were broken into in London last year.  Almost half of them were hacked electronically.  This means that force wasn't needed to enter these vehicles, high-tech devices were used instead.

Although this is a London focussed story, the problem is reported in Europe and criminals will be using these techniques outside of the capital.
All modern makes could be vulnerable to this issue.

After recent falls in car crime, increases have been experienced in a number of countries including Germany, the Netherlands and Sweden.

How are Cars Stolen?

  • Criminals use devices they can buy at a low cost online.
  • These devices were originally created to help provide access to cars in times of need, to be used by people such as Locksmiths.
  • Criminals can buy these high-tech products over the internet and also view videos about how to use them and gain entry to cars. These videos are an online crime tutorial.
  • The devices pick up signals from key fobs. Criminals can then steal vehicles 'in as little as 10 seconds without causing any damage.'
  • How to Protect Cars from Hacking
  • Leaving your car in a well lit area, ideally one that is covered by CCTV is one of the simplest ways of protecting your vehicle.
  • Thefts of vehicles could occur at your home. When you park your vehicle at home, try and use a garage if possible. Garages have extra layers of security that could deter a thief.
  • What Can Stop my Car from Being Stolen?

    There are also a number of crime prevention products that the Metropolitan Police advise considering, however none of these can guarantee your vehicle will not be stolen. As with various forms of crime prevention, think of layers of protection. Each extra layer will make it more difficult for a thief to steal your property and they may then choose an easier target.

    Steering Wheel Lock . These protect the steering wheel, so it can't be moved. There are many different types available. . These Steering Locks are currently Thatcham Cat 3 rated.
    Gear Lock . As the title suggests these protect the gear stick. These are not currently independently tested..
    Pedal Locks. These can also be protected and a range of options are available online, allow we don't endorse any.  
    Tracking Devices. Most modern cars have tracking devices fitted as standard. If your vehicle hasn't got a tracking device it may be worth considering this option.


    Car Hacking looks to be an emerging trend affecting new cars of all makes.
    The motor industry are being encouraged to try and solve the problem, however thieves will be motivated to match these security improvements.
    Taking some basic car crime prevention advice and considering fitting either a steering, gear or pedal lock could increase the layers of security on your vehicle and help protect it.


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