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Plastic Bike Shed or Metal Bike Storage?

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Here is a question, plastic bike shed or metal bike storage - that has been a cycle storage issue faced for a long time.  We will try and highlight the pros and cons of plastic and metal in a simple summary below.

It is very important to use a bike storage solution at home as most bike thefts occur from our own properties.  A lot of thought and emphasis is placed on how we lock and secure bikes while out and about, however more bike bike thefts occur at the home than at work, school etc, so here are some areas to consider. 

Plastic Bike Shed Pros

Most plastic bike shed options are very pleasing on the eye and fit in well within your garden..

A few Plastic bike sheds use are made from recyclable, or recyled products - nice and green!.

Secure, good plastic bike sheds have xx hasps and the ability to install a ground anchor.

Plastic bike sheds are usually easy for kids and adults to use - this is very important due to bikes being stolen from homes accounting for the majority of thefts.  Make it as easy as possible for them to be secured away.

Popular plastic bike sheds are delivered and installed at your home so no assembly is required.

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Plastic Bike Shed Cons

Some of the older plastic bike sheds could only fit one bike in at a time, new models can now fit four bikes.

It is not metal!  A number of people prefer to have cold metal protecting their property.

Metal Bike Shed Pros

There are many systems that can fit more than one bike in.

Even though these cycle storage systems don't look very nice they are solid and sturdy.

Metal Bike Shed Con

Didn't look very good in your garden.

Systems that need the 'roof' to be open and closed may not child friendly due to the height / weight involved.

Many metal bike sheds need you to install and put them together.

Plastic Bike Shed or Metal Bike Shed?  Summary

The look of the garden bike shed may not be important, but it is to a lot of people, a plastic bike shed such as the lockerpod+ have a simple and appealing design, in comparison to the harshness of the traditional metal bike shed.

A garden bike shed has to suit your needs as it must be used to be effective.  Many bike thefts are committed by opportunists who take advantage of a situation.  These opportunists may steal the bike for re-sale or as parts, or thanks to the rising price of scrap metal they may steal a lower value bike to sell on in this way.

If the bikes to be stored in the bicycle storage shed are just your own then a metal shed may be better.  If you have children and want them to be able to use the garden bike shed then a metal shed will be harder for them to open and close the due to the height and weight of the roof - so you will have to do it!

The big problem in the past was that a garden plastic bike shed such as Lockerpod could only fit one bike at a time.  The new Lockerpod+ can fit up to four bikes in at a time, is good looking, child friendly and designed with security in mind.



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