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Locking Your Bike - Top Tips

Do you Know How to Lock Your Bike ? Are You Sure?

  • A bike is stolen every five minutes·
  • Less than 5 out of every hundred stolen bikes are returned to their owners.

Ask yourself how do you make it hard for bike thieves who want to steal your bike ?

Bikes monetary value and ease of transport provide an attractive target for thieves.

Read the five top tips for locking your bike from

Locking Tips – Do you Know How to Lock Your Bike ?

Criminals want to steal your bike as bikes are a C.R.A.V.E.D product.  C.R.A.VE.D stands for:


It is very important to choose the best bike security products.

Make the lock, chain and bike hard to move for the criminal by following these tips

  1. Keep the gap between the bike and bike lock small. 
  2. Don't leave the lock lying on the pavement – this stops it being smashed by a criminal.
  3. Face the lock towards the ground to stop it from being picked easily.
  4. Locking the wheels and frame to something appropriate, criminals sometimes remove parts of signs or street furniture to get to an expensive bike.
  5. Consider using two different types of lock, e.g a 'D' lock and a chain lock as a thief must then use two different methods to steal the bike.

Vist bike security section and see how you can try and prevent your bike being stolen.

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