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Secure Bicycle Storage Solutions

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There are a number of secure bicycle storage solutions available, some of these are especially useful if we have been faced with the dreaded dilema - bike storage no garage!

We will go through the possible options below, many of these are available direct from our shop, but we'll also show you the best options from other retailers - so you can make the most informed home cycle storage decision for you.

(1).  Metal Garden Bike Sheds


This Metal cycle locker product has been tested independently and will act as a deterrent to thieves.  They are big, strong and made of metal.  There are a few negatives when considering these units including they will need to be assembled by you - although there are instructions available.  It is also advisable to install these onto a flat concrete surface, many gardens don't have the space to fit one of these units.  Please be aware of this before committing to buy a system.

Technical Overview:

  • Stores Up To THREE Adult Bikes
  • Ideal For General Purpose Storage
  • Spring-Assisted Opening Action
  • Maintenance-Free
  • 25 Year Panel Guarantee
  • PVC-Coated Galvanised Steel Construction
  • Achieved Police Preferred Specification mark
  • Fire resistant
  • Complete "WALK IN" Access 

Due to the ample height and width of the product it is suitable for most types of racing, mountain, hybrid or children's cycles.

POSITIVES.  Metal cycle locker is tried and tested.  Metal structures may be better in a high crime area.

NEGATIVES.  Fits only 3 adult bikes.  Needs to be assembled.

(2).  Lockerpod Plus


lockerpod plus_door_open


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There is a new kid on the block, the Lockerpod+. This unit is capable of securing four adult bikes, or two adult and two childrens cycles. After being independently security tested it gained Sold Secure Bronze status.

Some of the nice touches about this product focus on the design, you may think it looks better than alternatives and it also takes up less space than some sheds. 

Technical Overview:

  • The door has a 3 Point Locking System, key operated door.  This has the advantage of no padlocks being needed.
  • There are a full range of colour options, choose your door colour,, black comes as standard.
  • The system can be free standing on grass or concrete etc, or it can be bolted through the base to add extra security.  Bolts are supplied with the unit at no extra charge.
  • Manufactured from 4-6mm thick MDPE (medium density polyethylene).  This material has the advantage of being highly robust, durable and weatherproof.
  • Designed and manufactured in the UK and made from 100% recyclable materials.

Positives.  Comes fully assembled.  Fits up to 4 adult bikes.

Negatives. Mid range price.


(3).  Wooden Bike Sheds for Gardens

wooden bike_shed

Traditional bike sheds such as this Bike Store Mini Shed have been around for a long time.  They have the advantage (or is it the disadvantage) of being able to store lots of other important equipment / junk!  This however makes them big, so if you are constrained by the size of your garden this may be a factor.

We have a whole other section on shed security, tips and products - please consider implmenting some of these if you do use a wooden shed.

Positives.  Cheapest Option.  Can fit your lawn mower in!

Negatives.  Bike Store Mini Shed will have weak points such as windows.  Large garden floor space required.  Will need to be assembled.


Bicycle Anchors

This ground Anchor allows you to chain your bike to something solid and secure to make a theft much less likely to happen.

  • This is a very good wall or floor anchor
  • Made from hardened special steel
  • Extra wide shackle
  • Product dimensions 16x16.5x16.5cm
  • 2kg boxed weight
  • Great independent reviews, click on the picture above to read these.


The Metal cycle locker is probably the most secure.

Lockerpod+ can fit four bikes and is pre-assembled. 

Bike Store Mini Shed are the cheapest, but are the biggest and have security risks such as windows so extra security may be useful.

Metal cycle locker

Bike Store Mini Shed

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