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Plastic Cycle Storage

There are a number of different plastic cycle storage options, we look at some of the ones to consider and avoid...well, two to consider and one to definitely avoid!


lockerpod plus_door_open

Stylish, secure and space saving is how this unit is described and we tend to agree.  The unit has been independently tested, gaining Sold Secure Bronze status.  It has a 3 point locking system, key operated door, meaning no padlocks are needed.  The unit has quite a small footprint considering it can fit four adult bikes and it is delivered fully assembled.  As the picture shows it can be placed on grass of a firmer surface.  Doors come in black as standard, however other colour options can be chosen. 

Pros:  Made with security in mind.  Comes fully assembled.  Fits 4 adult bikes.  Made from recycled / recyclable materials.

Cons:  Mid price bracket.

Technical Information:  Weight.  72kg.  External Dimensions.  W. 100cm D. 200cm  H.135cm


To order your Lockerpod Plus and get a 5% discount follow this 4 step approach.

1. Make a note of this voucher code MyCrime2014

2. Visit this is the official Lockerpods website

3. Go to the 'shop', then 'buy here' choose your colours and click 'add to cart'

4. View your cart, then enter MyCrime2014 in the 'Apply Coupon' box (to the left of 'proceed to checkout'

After you have clicked 'apply coupon', scroll down, you will see Coupon: MYCRIME2014 and 5% of the cost will be removed from the order total.

Suncast Adlington Shallow Roofed Large Storage Shed

This is a large capacity garden shed, with a roof structure that aids the storage area. The product is made from 'robust resin', but needs self-assembly.  Padlocks are not provided, however the double doors are pad lockable.  This unit hasn't been security tested, so should not be used in very high crime areas. 

Pros:  Large capacity.

Cons:  Expensive.  Need to purchase your own padlock

Technical Information:  Weight.  27kg.  External W.167.25cm  D. 165cm   H.211cm    Internal W.152.5cm  D.137cm  H. 188cm

Price:  Around £780.  GS8000 Suncast Adlington 'One' Shallow Roofed Large Storage Shed- 138 cu ft capacity


Keter Store it Out XL Plastic Garden Storage Shed


This shed is manufactured using a Polypropylene resin, the unit needs assembly, this should take 1 - 2 hours.  No locks / locking mechanisms are supplied with the product and it will be quite easy for a thief to gain access to bikes stored inside.  One other concern raised by users of this product concerns its dimensions - make sure your bike fits inside.

Pros:  It will keep your bikes dry - if they fit inside!

Cons: No real security element included.  Thief could gain access even with a lock added.  Avoid unless you have no other option

Technical Information:  Weight.  28kg.  External W.160cm  D. 90cm   H.119cm    Internal W.151cm  D.76.5cm  H. 115cm

Price:  Approx £160.00.  Keter Store it Out XL Plastic Garden Storage Shed


There aren't a great deal of options when choosing plastic cycle storage.  As you can see we think the Lockerpod+ is the better option if you have up to 4 adult bikes, want some security, but don't want to pay a huge amount.     





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