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Home Bicycle Shelter

Bike theft is a threat, a home bicycle shelter may seem the solution - we look at the best and worst here.

Ensuring your cycle is protected from the elements is a concern, ideally that should be combined with security features to ensure you do not become a victim of bike theft. 

Bike Cave

 bike cave

Lets say straight away that the Bike Cave is simply a tent big enough for 2 or possibly 3 bikes.  The key part to this sentence is 'tent'.  It is designed to offer protection from the elements, which it does.  There is no security provided for this tent, a velcro flap at the back of the tent can be used to pass a cable lock fixed to a wall mounted anchor point, however you need to purchase this separately. 

The shape of the tent makes it possible to stand your bike(s) up inside, but makes it quite obvious to a potential thief what is inside.  We would not recommend this tent due to crime prevention issues, but it may serve a purpose if security really isn't an issue.

If you do decide to use a product such as this use a anchor, chain and lock and this as a cover.

Pros.  Not many, it keeps your bike dry and garden tidy.

Cons.  No security element.  Extra locks, anchors and chains needed to secure your bike. 

Read the 100+ reviews of the Bike Cave - Green here

Specialist Wooden Bike Shed.

There are a number of specialist wooden bike sheds on the market, we have highlighted this one that can be purchased from Amazon OVERLAP BIKE STORE,WOODEN BICYCLE SHED  These products are more expensive than bike tents but offer more security and can be fitted with shed shackles, or anchors.  The size of these units can be an issue depending on how much room you have in your garden.

This shed is specifically designed for the storage of bikes, with 5ft wide double doors providing easy access. 

Height: 142 Width: 201 Depth: 83 Wide Doors for easy access Framing 27 x 32mm.  Double Doors with Pad Bolt

Internal Dimensions W 1980mm x D 795mm Height of Door 1261mm x Width door frame1550mm Max Depth 824mm x Max Width 2215mm this is from fascia point to fascia point (the trim) Height to ridge 1721mm

Pros.  Not too expensive.  Can store 2 adult cycles, plus children's cycles and equipment.

Cons.  Wood needs to be retreated annually.  Extra security elements should be added.  Needs to be assembled.




lockerpod plus_door_open

Big enough to store 4 bikes, the Lockerpod+ is a UK designed and manufactured alternative.  From a security perspective the unit has a securing hinge made from galvanised steel and a key operated 3 point locking system. 

It has been awarded Sold Secure Bronze status in independent testing.

The unit takes up less space than a shed - a positive for many gardeners, but can still store up to 4 bikes inside.  At £449+VAT the unit is delivered fully assembled directly to your door, a great advantage.

Pros.  Comes fully assembled.  Made from recycled/recyclable materials.  Can fit up to 4 bikes in.

Cons.  Mid price bracket.

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Asgard Bike Storage


Bike Storage, Cycle store 6'8" x 3'4"(Supplied Flat Pack) - Secure Bicycle Storage Unit from Asgard

The Asgard store has a shrouded 3 point locking system which aims to prevent thieves forcing entry to the shed.  It can be fixed to a concrete base using the fixing supplied.  Security seems to have been one of the main factors when designing this product and it is significantly better than the tents highlighted at the start of the article, but over £400 more. 

Large double door front access and simple drop down lid make this convenient to get bikes in and out.   Please note shelves shown in some of the pictures are not supplied as standard.  This product is supplied by Amazon via the following link Bike Storage, Cycle store 6'8" x 3'4"(Supplied Flat Pack) - Secure Bicycle Storage Unit from Asgard

Pros.   3 point locking system.   Solid design.

Cons.  Needs two people to assemble (1 - 2 hours).  The most expensive option reviewed. 

Bike Storage, Cycle store 6'8" x 3'4"(Supplied Flat Pack) - Secure Bicycle Storage Unit from Asgard

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