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Bike Storage No Garage


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Lots of us have been faced with the same problem, bike storage no garage! How should we store bikes and what are the options?

More cycle thefts occur at the home than while we are using bikes outside. Choosing the right bike storage solution is therefore very important, so what do you need to consider?

Outdoor Bike Storage Units - What to Consider

We'll split the options down to consider 5 key areas:

1. Security 2. Installation 3. Looks 4. Price  5. Capacity 

The three main options have been considered, a wooden shed, a metal bike shed and a latest lockerpod+ alternative.

We've ranked each option in all the categories - 1 being the best, 3 the worst.


  1. Metal. Some metal garden bike sheds have been independently tested and have up to 4 padlock points for added security if you live in a high crime area.
  2. Lockerpod+. 3 point locking system, key operated door. Made from thick MDPE and awarded Sold Secure Bronze status.
  3. Wooden. Have limited security, windows are also a problem as thieves can see your bike inside


  1. Lockerpod+. Comes fully assembled and delivered to your door as part of the price.
  2. Wooden. You need to assemble the unit yourself.
  3. Metal. Assembly is required, although good instructions are provided. Many systems need to be bolted down into a concrete surface, this is sometimes a issue.


  1. Lockerpod+. Looks great and you can choose from a choice of colours!
  2. Metal. Looks harsh but secure, but it is a big metal box! Choice of cream or olive green
  3. Wooden. Look ok, lots of people have them.


  1. Wooden. Decent sheds can cost from £199
  2. Lockerpod+. Bike locker prices are much lower these days, £449+VAT, including delivery (use MYCRIME2014 to get a 5% discount)
  3. Metal. £469 is the usual price for a good unit.


  1. Wooden. Can fit 4 bikes and loads of other junk making it hard to get at your bike!
  2. Lockerpod+. Can secure up to 4 bikes.
  3. Metal. Up to 3 adult bikes can be stored in good metal garden bike sheds.


The lack of a garage does limit your options for bike storage, however there are a number of garden based options.

The look of your garden bike storage may not be important to everyone, but it is to a lot of people. Modern bike locker prices are very reasonable and the storage has been well designed so may be more appealing in comparison to the harshness of traditional metal unit, but if independent security testing is important to you metal garden bike sheds may be more appealing.

There are great options for you, no installation needed and great looking bike storage pods or a more solid looking metal outdoor bicycle shelter.


To order your Lockerpod Plus follow this 4 step approach.

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