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Bike Storage Front Garden

lockerpod+There aren't many options when looking at bike storage front garden options.  We will have a look at the few possibilities here and highlight what you should avoid.  Plus there is a 5% discount code later on.


We'll start with the Lockerpod+.  This is much more than the standard plastic bike storage boxes.  The unit is designed and manufactured in Britain, using recycled and recyclable materials.  It comes standard with a black door, however coloured options are available, It provides bike storage for 4 bikes, they are secured by a key operated 3 point locking system. 

The unit is a lot smaller than a traditional 'shed' this is a big advantage when storing bikes in the front garden.  However this website is concerned with crime prevention and preventing crime - storing bikes in your front garden could increase the risk of cycle thefts in high crime areas.  Before you install ANY cycle storage solution think about the value of your bikes and if storing them in the rear garden or passageway would be better.

The dimensions of the Lockerpod+ are a positive it is compact, H 135cm, W 100cm, L 200cm and weighs 72kg.  It doesn't need to be screwed into the ground, but this could add extra security.  Planning advice should be checked as with all options highlighted on this page.  As an added bonus the unit is delivered fully assembled.

To order your Lockerpod Plus and get a 5% discount follow this 4 step approach.

1. Make a note of this voucher code MyCrime2014

2. Visit this is the official Lockerpods website

3. Go to the 'shop', then 'buy here' choose your colours and click 'add to cart'

4. View your cart, then enter MyCrime2014 in the 'coupon code' box, then click 'apply coupon'

Scroll down and you will see Coupon: MYCRIME2014 and 5% of the cost will be removed from the order total.

Lockerpod+ Summary. 

  • Nice looking bike storage for 4 bikes, great for low crime areas.  Neat and tidy and with the advantage of gaining Sold Secure Bronze status.

Metal Garden Bike Sheds

Asgard Bike Storage


The system has a good emphasis on security, it is not directly sold by but can be purchased from Amazon by clicking on this link Bike Storage, Cycle store 6'8" x 3'4"(Supplied Flat Pack) - Secure Bicycle Storage Unit from Asgard

The unit has a shrouded 3 point locking system that aims to prevent thieves forcing entry.  Large double doors provide good front access and the drop down lid make it easy to get bikes in and out.  Please be sure to check planning permission if you are going to use this unit in your front garden.  Two people are also required to assemble the unit, this should take 1 - 2 hours.

Bike Storage, Cycle store 6'8" x 3'4"(Supplied Flat Pack) - Secure Bicycle Storage Unit from Asgard

Bike Storage Front Garden Summary.

It is important to check planning when you are installing a bike storage front garden solution and as they will be more exposed to potential thieves and may not be as secure as rear garden cycle storage solutions.  

Many areas don't have the option of using rear garden bike storage systems.  In this scenario there are two main options, the Lockerpod+, which may not be the cheapest garden bike storage, but it has some security and is a nice product.  The other main option is A metal garden bike shed such as that from Asgard.  These are more secure than Lockerpods, however the 'look' is not for everyone.  It is important to purchase a system you have happy with and will use as most bikes are stolen while at home, rather than at work or out and about.

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