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Have been a victim of bike theft? You may be again...


Crime research highlighted in the British Crime Survey (BCS) reports that 13% of bicycle theft victims were victimised more than once in 2010 / 11.

Being a victim of bicycle theft is bad, however being a victim more than once in a year is very unfortunate.

Why bike thieves return to steal bikes from you again

A bike thief may gain confidence that they understand what crime prevention methods you have after all they successfully stole your bike before and therefore may choose to target your bike(s) again.

Criminals are aware of how long insurance companies take to pay out compensation and so may wait until a few months have past before stealing your replacement bike.  It may also be that the bike thief could not remove more than one bike at a time and will return for other bikes at later date.

There has been a general uptrend in the number of bicycle theft incidents measured by the BCS since 2002/03, with over half a million incidents last year.

If you have been a victim of bike crime it is not too late to improve your bike security.  

We've also reviewed secure and not so secure bicycle storage solutions here. 




Evidence of bike theft outside Long Eaton Town Hall.    © Copyright David Lally and  licensed for reuse under this Creative Commons Licence

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