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Do you know bike thefts increased in 2010/11?

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Bicycle theft increased by 11% in 2010/11 compared with the year before according to the British Crime Survey.

There has been a general uptrend in the number of bicycle theft incidents measured by the BCS since 2002/03, with over half a million incidents last year.

Why don't we report bike thefts to the police?

One interesting factor is only 39% of BCS bicycle theft incidents were reported to the Police.  The Police respond to crimes be deploying resources and introducing overt and covert tactics, often using PIER plans.  PIER stands for

Prevention tactics

Intelligence tactics

Enforcement tactics

Reassurance tactics

The Police can only try and tackle an issue such as bike theft if they are aware of the problem and the crime has been reported to them.

Bike theft may be higher than you think

Due to the low reporting rates for thefts, bike crime may be higher than you think in your local area.  Think about what bike locks and chains  may help prevent you from being the next victim of bike theft.

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