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Crime research highlighted in the British Crime Survey (BCS) reports that 13% of bicycle theft victims were victimised more than once in 2010 / 11.

Being a victim of bicycle theft is bad, however being a victim more than once in a year is very unfortunate.

Why bike thieves return to steal bikes from you again

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Bicycle theft increased by 11% in 2010/11 compared with the year before according to the British Crime Survey.

There has been a general uptrend in the number of bicycle theft incidents measured by the BCS since 2002/03, with over half a million incidents last year.

Why don't we report bike thefts to the police?

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The precious metals that are in your catalytic converter

Catalytic converter or Cat theft is increasing, reports say it has increased by over 400% in the last few years.  The problem is increasing as research shows valuable precious metals that make up catalytic converters, metals such as platinum,palladium, rhodium and gold have increased in value.

Platinum has more than doubled in value between Sep 2008 and March 2012.

Palladium has increased by more than 200% during the same period.

Rhodium has increased from $1250 to $1400 an ounce between January and March 2012.

There are a number of crime prevention tactics you can consider to try and reduce the risk of becoming the next victim of CAT theft.  10 great catalytic converter theft prevention tips are included below.

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Do you Know How to Lock Your Bike ? Are You Sure?

  • A bike is stolen every five minutes·
  • Less than 5 out of every hundred stolen bikes are returned to their owners.

Ask yourself how do you make it hard for bike thieves who want to steal your bike ?

Bikes monetary value and ease of transport provide an attractive target for thieves.

Read the five top tips for locking your bike from

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