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Does using TRACKER reduce the cost of motorcycle insurance?

TRACKER offer a range of stolen vehicle recovery systems and motorcycles can be protected by Tracker as well as cars and vans. have seen offers available that show 'up to 10% discount on your insurance policy if you have a TRACKER device fitted.'

Insurance companies may be prepared to offer these discounts as they feel TRACKER can greatly improve the chances of any stolen vehicles being recovered.

Stolen motorcycles are often transported in vans or containers making it more difficult to trace them.  TRACKER use VHF technology enabling a stolen motorcycle to be tracked even if it is hidden in a van, container or a garage. 

In addition to this VHF technology TRACKER systems are operated by all of the UK's police forces.  This combination of VHF technology and police operation increase the chances that stolen motorcycles will be recovered and therefore reduce the risk that insurance companies will need to make a compensation payment.

Fitting a TRACKER system could therefore benefit you as there is more chance your bike will be returned and could also result in lower insurance costs!

You could also consider fitting a ground anchor or possibly checking out these big padlocks for motorbikes.

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