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The Home Office Advices – use a ground anchor


The most common method of stealing a motorcycle or scooter is to lift them onto the back of a van according to the Home Office's 'Steer Clear of Bike Crime' crime prevention guide.

The guide advises to always try and secure your motorbike or scooter to something which is solid and cannot be moved, like a ground anchor.

Sold Secure devices are also recommended as they have been tested to ensure they meet high standards.

There are many products on the market, with a variation in price and quality, this article looks at the features of three strong products.

The Oxford Brute Force Ground Anchor 

The Oxford Brute Force Security Floor/Wall Anchor is a high security ground anchor at quite a low price.  

This product has been awarded Sold Secure silver status and has bolts protected by a ball bearing and then covered when the lock is used.

Click on this link to read Oxford anchor customer reviews at Amazon, this may help you decide if it is the correct product for you.

The Abus WBA 100

If you have a slightly bigger budget then the Abus WBA 100  may be of interest.  

This is a 2kg product, heavier than the Oxfor Brute Force, it has very good customer reviews on Amazon, read them here, Abus WBA 100 but DOES NOT come with any Sold Secure approval, 

It is 16 x 16.5 x 6.5 cm and made of hardened steel, that is waterproof.

Oxford Anchorforce Ground Anchor

This third ground anchor, the Oxford Anchorforce Bolt Down - Ground Anchor is also more expensive than the Oxfor Brute Force, it is 3.5kg in weight,  and measures 23.6 x 15 x 13.8 cm.

This product has Sold Secure approval and is a big ground anchor!  

With products like these make sure you plan where to put it before installation as they can be tricky to remove (as this is the point of them!)

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