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Do you know anyone with a car in Gloucestershire, Dorset or Cleveland?


If you own a car in Gloucestershire, Dorset or Cleveland, or know anyone who does you may be interested to know that these three areas experienced the biggest increase in police recorded offences against vehicles in 2011.

Out of all the policing areas in England and Wales these three experienced the biggest rise, increases of 14%, 10% and 9% percent respectively.

How can I prevent car crime in Gloucester, Bournemouth or Middlesbrough?"

The first step to preventing car crime in Gloucester, Bournemouth or Middlesbrough or any other areas of Gloucestershire, Dorset or Cleveland is knowing that car crime is an issue that could affect you in these areas. In addition crime prevention guides with a can be downloaded FREE with every car crime prevention product such as Nav Mat, Nav Pack, or Tracker. If you are worried about car crime in Gloucester, Bournemouth or Middlesbrough then these POLICE APPROVED products could help.

Sat Nav crime prevention products for Gloucester, Bounemouth, Middlesborough

These articles cover a range of products that may help secure your vehicle.  

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Offences against motor vehicles include theft of motor vehicle, theft from a vehicle and vehicles being interfered with. The information in this report covered the 12 months to December 2011 compared to the same 12 month period in 2010.

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