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Where to Park Your Car

1. If you have any crime prevention products use them. Don't leave your car unprotected.

2. Don't leave your car open or the keys in the vehicle no matter how short the time is you're away from your vehicle. An opportunist thief will only need a few seconds to take advantage of an unlocked car.

3. Always shut your doors, windows and sunroof. Leaving these open provides easy access for criminals and your first defence has been breached. Shut and secure these even if you are just leaving the car for a few seconds.

4. Park in a well lit area so any potential offender has the risk of being seen if they attack your car.

5. Ideally choose an area covered by CCTV, this is another deterrent that could impact on a criminals thought process and encourage them to choose a different victim.

6. Choose a busy area, people travelling past your car on a regular basis will make it more likely a criminal will be spotted.

7.  Consider using crime prevention products that may help prevent items such as Sat Navs or SmartPhones being stolen from your vehicle.

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