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How to safely store your car at home

1. Secure your keys. New vehicles have a range of anti-theft devices included. Using the keys is sometimes the only way to steal the vehicle. Always ensure your keys are secure. This includes any spare sets in your home.

2. To help avoid towing theft (your car being towed away by a thief) always leave your car in gear and turn the steering wheel to the kerb.

3. Consider fitting an immobiliser to your car, such as the Cobra A8510 Thatcham Category 2 Immobiliser  if there isn't one fitted as standard.

4. car alarms – although often heard and sometimes ignored – will still provide some deterrent to a criminal. An alarm will draw unwanted attention to the thief.

5. Mark the car by using a product such as SmartWater. The Police look for SmartWater when they recover property. Knowing your vehicle has SmartWater on it could be enough of a deterrent to a criminal.

6. Consider etching a mark into the vehicle such as the VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) on the windows this makes the vehicle less attractive for those looking to strip it for parts.

7. Install and subscribe to a TRACKER system. TRACKER's stolen vehicle recovery products are operated by all 52 UK Police forces. Using TRACKER's unique Very High Frequency (VHF) radio technology, the Police can track the stolen vehicle even if it is being transported in the back of a lorry, hidden in a shipping container or lock up garage. This is unique, unlike TRACKER's competitors' GPS-only systems which rely on being able to see the sky to determine the location of your stolen vehicle.

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