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Do you know what a 2 in 1 burglary is?

A 2 in 1 burglary involves a house being burgled and car keys being stolen.  These burglaries are also called 'car key burglaries'.

In recent years cars have improved security devices fitted as standard.  Things like central locking, alarms and immobilisers.  It is now much more difficult to steal a car than it was 20 years ago.

Cars still have a great re-sale value and are prized by criminals, if a car has these security devices fitted how do you steal it?  The answer is sometimes break into a house and steal the car key, then drive away using this key.

Once stolen, vehicles can be tracked even if they are underground or in a container by products such as TRACKER Locate, TRACKER Monitor or if you have a classic car TRACKER Retrieve, however your home will still have been
broken into and this is not a pleasant experience.

What car keys and cars do burglars look to steal?

As an example of planned 2 in 1 or car key burglary has been highlighted by Greater Manchester Police in Oldham, have the key points copied below.  A burglar leaving a burglary dropped a list he had titled 'lined up grafts'.  The list gives details of keys to cars which have been left on view and also contains the tools needed to carry out each 'job'.

Entries included:

'Jaguar, keys in eyesight and window open'.

'Saab – keys behind door.'

'Merc vans – keys next to kitchen window'

'Scenic – kitchen window open'

'Volvo s40 – wooden easy pop back windows'

Details were also recorded of an Audi, Mazda, mopeds and bikes.

Be aware of where you keep your car keys and how easy it would be to steal your vehicles with them.
Consider a car or van tracking device, or even a CCTV system that can be viewed on your smartphone to keep an eye on your home when you are not there.

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