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Here we look at the best Vehicle Tracker and forensic marking products plus a few others.

TRACKER LogoThis article features a number of crime prevention products and we will say straight away that in terms of vehicle tracking systems we think Tracker are the best.

There are a number of vehicle tracking devices on the market and three seperate systems from Tracker alone - so it can be quite confusing as to what the different products offer.

We highlight Tracker vehicle tracking for a number of reasons including:  

  • TRACKER is the only stolen vehicle recovery system operated by all Police forces across the UK
  • TRACKER is the UK's market leader, with over ONE MILLION customers.
  • Over 20,000 people have had their vehicle returned to them because of TRACKER, in partnership with the Police.
  • TRACKER recover on average £2 million worth of stolen vehicles every month
  • Tracker use a range of technologies and not just GPS

This last point, about Tracker car tracking systems not being a GPS only system is important.  Tracker tracking systems use VHF (very high frequency) radio technology, this is important as stolen vehicles can be tracked using Tracker vehicle tracking products even if they are being transported in a lorry or hidden in a lock-up garage.  We wont go to much into the technical aspects but GPS only systems can be jammed.

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The Garage Defender

We advise throughout this website to think about layers of security, the more aware of crime you are and the more precautions you take the better.

The Garage Defender  is a British made way of securing your garage door and another layer of security for a criminal to go through before they can steal your car.

The garage defender is a way of securing your garage door. The defender unit locks onto a solid steel base using a padlock to block the tilt action of the door - no padlock is supplied with this version.

Sold Secure Bronze.  The Garage Defender  has been awarded Sold Secure Bronze status, meaning that it has been tested by independent third parties.  Sold Secure approved products have been tested against a recognised standard.  Sold Secure standards are designed to reflect what is happening 'out there in the field; mimicking what thieves are doing.'

Sold Secure test specifications have been devloped in conjunction with stakeholders such as the police, insurers and appropriate industry bodies.  They are mostly based upon attack test principles, using a certain amount of time and tools - depending on the grade, for the product to be defeated.  

Sold secure is recognised by the Police Crime Prevention Design Advisors and insurers.  

smartwater logo


Car alarms and immobilisers are the more obvious car crime prevention products.  .  However in addition to tracking devices and garage door defender another type of car theft crime prevention product to consider is asset marking. 

SmartWater® offers a range of forensic products on an annual subscription basis that have been specifically designed for vehicles and motorbikes.

SmartWater Vehicles Systems can be used to mark individual components of your vehicle such as alloy wheels and engine parts. Upon ordering, your unique SmartWater code will be logged against your vehicle's unique VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) along with the make and model, which will be recorded on SmartWater's secure database.

SmartWater is a very popular crime prevention product, it is a subscription based service and that is something to be aware of, however it is virtully impossible to remove and another great British crime prevention company. 

Have you thought about what would happen if your vehicle was stolen?

Most people don't think about the effects of having your vehicle stolen.  If you are lucky you may get it back, most vehicles are not returned to their owners.

Tracking systems and car crime prevention products may seem quite expensive however many people do not think about the consequences of becoming a victim of car theft. 

  • How would you get to and from work on the days after your vehicle was stolen?
  • How much time would be taken dealing with the Police and insurance companies.
  • How long would it take for your insurance company to pay out?
  • How much would it cost you to hire a courtesy car?
  • How much would the insurance company actually give you for your stolen vehicle?
  • Would your premium go up as a result?

Having your vehicle stolen is just the start of the problem.  Try and prevent becoming a victim of car crime.

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