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Cheap GPS Security Device

Although the Nav-Mat II Ultra Thin Dash Mount doesn't cost a great deal and is a cheap GPS security device it still offers a great solution to the threat of sat nav theft.  

What is the NavMat II?

Why should I use a Nav Mat II?

Criminals look for easy targets and targets that may provide them with the opportunity to steal something of value.  Windscreen mounted sat nav holders leave suction marks that tell the criminal you use a sat nav.  Criminals may then break into your car in the hope of finding a sat nav hidden.  This could cost you to replace a broken window or lock.

In addition to preventing crime, the Nav Mat II also makes it easier to view your sat nav while driving. 

Tell me more about the Nav Mat II

Nav-Mat II Ultra Thin Dash Mount

  • Leaves no residue
  • Is portable and easy to keep out of view
  • Uses the factory windshield mount sold with most sat navs
  • Works on uneven or textured surfaces
  • Contours to your dash
  • Has a ultra-thin design with super gripping base
  • Uses Bracketron Temperbond technology
  • Turns your windscreen mounted sat nav into a convenient dashboard mount

How do I install the Nav Mat II?

The Nav Mat II combines ultra-sleek design with dash mounting convenience, making interaction with your sat nav easier than ever.  The flexible rubberised coating provides a stable, skid free option that contours seamlessly to your dash.  The Nav Mat II is 7-5/8" x 5-5/8" and works on uneven or textured surfaces using the factory windshield mount sold with most sat navs. 

Has the Nav mat II been tested?

The Nav Mat II had been awarded Secured By Design status.  Secured By Design is a crime prevention standard with approved products such as the Nav Mat II receiving 'Police Preferred Specification' status. 

Want to Read Customer Reviews of the Nav Mat II?

Simply click on this Nav-Mat II Ultra Thin Dash Mount link and you will be taken to the exact page on Amazon where many customer reviews can be read to make sure this is the best product for your needs.

Think about your crime prevention options, don't be a victim

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