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In Car Security for SmartPhones


What is the Dash-Mat?

The Dash Mat is a great device to view smartphones in your car.  The Dash-Mat extends to 9cm so it securely holds most electronic devices.  The Dash-Mat replaces holders which stick to your windscreen.  Windscreen mounted devices leave suction marks to show a criminal there may be a sat nav or smartphone in the vehicle. 

How can the Dash-Mat stop me from being a victim of crime?

The Dash-Mat has been has been approved by the Association of Chief Police Officers through the Secured By Design initiative and awarded Police Preferred Specification.

One of the major problems with window mounted holders is that they leave suction marks, these are signs to criminals that there may be property worth stealing in the car.  Criminals may break in even if the property is not visible. 

In addition to the cost of replacing any stolen items you will have the expense of replacing door locks or windows and the inconvenience of having to get the vehicle replaced.  If you are able to claim on your insurance how much excess will you have to pay?  How long will the insurance company take to pay out?  How much will your insurance company increase your future premiums by? 

How will you get to work while your vehicle is being repaired?  How much time will the Police take investigating the crime?

Don't risk becoming a victim and all the associated time and financial costs this may bring - invest in crime prevention today. 

How do I use the Dash-Mat?

The Dash Mat is the perfect solution for viewing Smartphones in vehicles, securely holding most electronic devices. Because it extends to 9cm, it is compatible with most versions of iPhone, iPod, BlackBerry, Smartphone (HTC Desire; Samsung Wave; Sony Ericsson X10 and more), Mobile Phone, PDA, Handheld Sat Nav and Radar Detector.

Using the physics of weight distribution and a unique high tech anti-skid material, the Dash-Mat contours to the top of the dash providing a solid base, allowing for convenient reach and greater portability. Ideal for moving devices from car to car for people on the go, and convenient for putting out of sight when away from the vehicle.

  • Portable Dash Mount for Smartphones.
  • Compatible with many electronic devices, including latest Smart phones from HTC, Samsung, Nokia, Sony Ericsson and more.
  • Weighted, anti-skid base.
  • Conforms to your dash.
  • Holder rotates - ideal for many applications, portrait or landscape.
  • Universal fit, move from car to car.
  • Arms expand to 9cm, easily and securely holding most mobile phones.

How do I buy a Dash-Mat? don't stock this product directly, but please click on this link The Dash Mat and you will be directed to the exact page on Amazon where you can buy this product.  You can also read all the independent reviews for this product to ensure the Dash Mat in car security for SmartPhones is the correct purchase for you.

There are a number of other similar products available, the majority have very helpful customer reviews, Read reviews of Sat Nav and Smartphone security products by clicking on this link

Don't be the next victim of car crime - use a Dash-Mat



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