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Car Crime Prevention Products

The majority of car crime still involves items that are left on display such sat navs and audio devices.  There are a number of other areas to be aware of such as catalytic converter theft and fuel theft.

Sat Nav Theft Crime Prevention

The Nav Mat


The Nav Mat Universal GPS Mount  is a good solution for viewing Smartphones in vehicles, securely holding most electronic devices. Because it extends to 9cm, it is compatible with many devices

Does not require any tools for installation..

The Nav Mat replaces holders which stick to your windscreen.  Windscreen mounted devices leave suction marks to show a criminal there may be a sat nav or smartphone in the vehicle.

Read more product information and read customer reviews of The Nav Mat Universal GPS Mount to ensure it is the correct product for you.

This product is Secured By Design Approved

The Nav Pack II

the Nav Pack II is an alternative to holding your Sat Nav or Smartphone on a windshield mounted dock.  Thieves look for suction marks on windscreens, the Nav Pack prevents suction marks being left.  This little video shows how the Nav Pack does this nav pack video.  One of the main advantages of the Nav Pack II is it's padded case that can protect your GPS when it's not in use.  This makes the product portable and easy to keep out of view.

Amazon customers have reviewed this product, read the Nav Pack II reviews here

The Nav Mat II

A similar product to the Nav Pack is the Nav-Mat II Ultra Thin Dash Mount.  The aim of this product is to prevent suction marks being left on windscreens, this is a very popular product.

See the Nav Mat II video showing how the Nav Mat II Is portable and easy to keep out of view or read dozens of Amazon customer reviews for the Nav-Mat II Ultra Thin Dash Mount here.

The Nav Mat II uses the factory windshield mount sold with most sat navs

Works on uneven or textured surfaces

Contours to your dash 

Secured By Design Approved


Catalytic Converter Theft Devices - 

Invest in a Armacat,or Catloc a new way to protect your catalytic converter from theft. These devices fit to vehicles and could prevent it from being attacked, click on the amazon picture link below to read more about these products.

This is a quick guide to Catalytic Converter theft, the full guide can be found by reading catalytic converter theft prevention.

Catalytic converters are stolen due to the range of valuable metals used in their manufacture.

Catalytic converters contain a range of precious metals including platinum, palladium, rhodium and gold.  You may not be familiar with some of these metals, however  they have all increased in value and criminals know they can sell catalytic converters easily as a result.

Platinum has more than doubled in value between Sep 2008 and March 2012. Palladium has increased by more than 200% during the same period. Rhodium has increased from $1250 to $1400 an ounce between January and March 2012.

Catalytic converters are also relatively easy to steal, very few vehicle owners are aware of this crime prevention problem and so don’t take crime prevention precautions.

Due to the catalytic converter being more exposed and therefore easier for a criminal to access, vans and vehicles higher from the ground are most at risk.

The cost of replacing the catalytic converter on these vehicles can be between £500 and £1000, this is in addition to the time the vehicle will be off the road and the problems this can cause.

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