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Van Security Tips

1. Vans are often used for work requirements and as a result transport a range of technical goods, tools and equipment. These items are often valuable and easily sold on by criminals. To avoid property being stolen from your van ensure all valuable items such as tools are removed from the van overnight.

2. Use notices to state to criminals that no valuable items are stored in the van overnight.

3. Keep a record of all serial numbers for tools, equipment and sat navs.

4. As stated in the preventing catalytic converter (CAT) theft section vans may be more vulnerable to CAT thefts due to easier access and the CATs being bigger and more valuable. Be aware of this and review the tips to prevent CAT thefts.  Consider using an anti-theft device such as a Armacat or a Catloc.

The Armacat is fitted to the catalytic converter using stainless steel collars, high strength dome head bolts and temper proof shear nuts.

This product uses an ultra strong 8mm diameter 7x19 stainless steel cable and a high temperature PVC sleeve.

Click on the image link below to read more about this product.

An alternative could be the the Catloc, this is slightly cheaper in price. The manufacturers claim that the Catloc can be fitted to 99% of at risk vehicles. For more information, click on the image below.

5. Vans may also be targeted for fuel theft due to the size of their fuel tank and criminals knowing they are unlikely to be used outside of 'working hours'.  

6. Always be aware of where you park your van, look for a well lit parking space, ideally in a busy area. Criminals will look for an easy target, if you park in a busy well lit area you may have less chance of becoming a victim.

7. When you park your van at home try and use a garage if you have access to one. A Sold Secure Bronze Garage Defender With Lock will help to secure your garage.  Sold Secure Bronze level status means the product has been independently tested and approved to Bronze Level status.  

8. Low cost solar security lights could deter any potential thief, some of these are motion sensitive.  Because they are solar powered they can be installed where mains power is not available.  Read customer reviews of solar security lights via this link to Amazon.

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