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Car Crime Prevention

What is the Nav Pack?

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The Nav Pack is an alternative to holding your Sat Nav or Smartphone on a windshield mounted dock, it is also a portable sat nav holder.  Thieves look for suction marks on windscreens, the Nav Pack prevents this.  Watch the vide below to see how simple it is to use the Nav Pack.


Dimensions of the Nav Pack

  • The Nav Pack works with most Sat Navs and Smartphone devices up to 4.3'
  • The Nav Packs inner dimensions are approximately 5.25' wide x 4.25' high x 1.375 deep
  • Works with Garmin, TomTom Magellan and most other popular brands.

Overview of the Nav Pack

  • The Nav Packs padded case protects your device when not in use
  • The Nav Pack is portable and easy to store
  • Viewing your Sat Nav or Smartphone using the Nav Pack is easy
  • The Nav Pack contours to the top of your dashboard, the weighted base of the Nav Pack works on most uneven or textured surfaces. 
  • The Nav Pack has a high tech anti skid base providing a stable mounting platform for your Sat Nav or Smartphone.
  • There is an adjustable strap on the Nav Pack that has three different positions so you can choose the best viewing angle for you. 
  • The Nav Pack also offers lightweight, portable and easily stored all adding extra security.

Read reviews of all Bracketron products by clicking on this link which will take you to Amazon, there you can read dozens of independent product reviews.

How do I buy my Nav Pack?

We do not stock these products directly, but click on the image below to be taken to Amazon where you can purchase a low cost Nav Pack.  By clicking on the image you can also read independent reviews to ensure this product is the correct purchase for you.

Read reviews of all Bracketron products by clicking on this link which will take you to Amazon, there you can read dozens of independent product reviews.

1. When away from your home try and park in well-lit busy areas. This may make your vehicle a less attractive target for a a fuel thief as there is more chance of them being disturbed.

2. If you have a garage park your car there as often as possible.  Fuel thieves will have to deal with this extra security and may be put off and find another, easier, target.  To help secure your garage a PJB Garage Defender may help, read more about the PJB Garage Defender here.


3. Consider purchasing a motion activated light for your drive and possibly a surveillance camera if you have to park your vehicle on a outside the home (and not in a garage). 

Motion activated lights switch on when motion is detected and can be enough to put criminals off. Getting an external power source fitted can be expensive – sell a range of solar security lights that don't need a power source to be fitted.

4. anti fuel theft syphoning kit devices are on the market, however at this time none have gained approval from Secured by Design or Sold Secure and do not recommend any. 



1. Vans are often used for work requirements and as a result transport a range of technical goods, tools and equipment. These items are often valuable and easily sold on by criminals. To avoid property being stolen from your van ensure all valuable items such as tools are removed from the van overnight.

2. Use notices to state to criminals that no valuable items are stored in the van overnight.

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This is a quick guide to Catalytic Converter theft, the full guide can be found by reading catalytic converter theft prevention.

1. The first step to preventing being a victim of this crime is understanding the issue. Research has identified that taller vehicles, including 4x4s and vans may be more vulnerable as the catalytic converters (CATs) on these vehicles are more accessible. These vehicles often have larger engines and larger CAT's also.

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