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About – an introduction is a website that aims to help prevent you from becoming a victim by increasing your awareness of crime and crime trends. also highlight how you could invest in crime prevention techniques and products to reduce your risk of becoming a victim of crime.

The Police do a good job however criminals look for easy targets and change their techniques all the time.  You need to invest in crime prevention tactics of your own to prevent becoming a victim of crime.. research crime trends.  Reading this site is one stage you can take to try and prevent becoming a victim of crime. – how crime threats are highlighted highlight crime threats and trends and publish our findings on this website.

The articles featured on the website are written by our former Police Intelligence Analyst who worked for a large and successful Police Force for about nine years.

During this time he was trained in crime analysis.  By the end of his Police career he was in charge of a group of Analysts and responsible for a large area.

These skills are used for the benefit of as they provide an understanding of crime, crime trends and how they can affect you – our former crime analyst researches topics, using many sources and then presents this important information in clear and concise articles – please read them and help understand the potential threats to you and your family. – what products feature on the site?

Some crime prevention products are featured on the website, they can be found in our crime prevention products shop.  The majority of these have been approved by Secured By Design or Sold Secure.

Secured by Design and Sold Secure organisations approve products that meet their demands. highlight when a product is approved by one of these organisations as it gives us confidence in the product and shows the product could prevent you from becoming a victim of crime.

  • Secured By Design is an initiative run by the Association of Chief Police Officers.  Secured By Design test products against known ways criminals work.  If products pass tests they are awarded Police Preferred Specification.
  • Sold Secure is administered by the Master Locksmiths Association.  Information on approved products are sent to crime prevention officers, insurance companies and the Home Office.

Not all of the products featured on the site are approved by these organisations. – why do we refer you to other companies websites? also refer you to a number of websites to buy crime prevention products direct from these companies, these referrals are often found in our 'special offers' section.

These include Smartwater and Lockerpods. think these companies offer great products – products that could prevent you becoming a victim of crime. – what we're good at.

We think we are good at finding and highlighting crime trends that could affect you.  We're also good at finding products and services that could prevent you from becoming the next victim of crime.  If you have an area you would like us to research, or if you have a product that could help reduce crime please contact us at

Have a good day and invest to make sure you're not an easy victim of crime.

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