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Bike Storage: Lockerpod+ Gold & Bronze 5% Discount

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WHATS THE DEAL:  5% off this 4 bike storage pod.
WHO IS IT GOOD FOR: Bike owners looking for bike storage solutions.
WHY'S THE PRODUCT GREAT:  Delivered fully assembled.  Stores 4 bikes. Secure. Looks great. 

To order your Lockerpod Plus and get a 5% discount follow this 4 step approach.

1. Make a note of this voucher code MyCrime2014

2. Visit this is the official Lockerpods website

3. Go to the 'shop', then 'buy here' choose your colours and click 'add to cart'

4. View your cart, then enter MyCrime2014 in the 'Apply Coupon' box (to the left of 'proceed to checkout'

Scroll down, you will see Coupon MYCRIME2014 and 5% of the cost will be removed from the order total.

Lockerpod+ Cycle Storage

There are two versions of the Lockerpod+, the Sold Secure Bronze Rated and the Sold Secure Gold Rated.

What's the Difference Between the Bronze Rated and Gold Rated?

Both products have the same great shell, however the Lockerpod+ Gold rated product has a Sold Secure Gold Rated ground anchor included in the price. 

The Lockerpod+ Bronze product is Sold Secure Bronze rated and so not as secure as the Gold rated.  Sold Secure, is the premier testing and certification body for security products.  Sold Secure is a not for profit trade association with its own purpose built test labs. 

Which model is best for you is your decision and could be based on the potential for bike theft in your area.

Lockerpod+ Bronze & Gold

  • Both have the capacity to hold up to 4 bikes
  • After independent testing has been awarded Sold Secure status.
  • Use a lot less space than an average shed
  • Means you can un-clutter your garage or shed an store your bikes in an easy access location.
  • Have a 3 point locking system with a key operated door
  • Are sent to your home fully assembled
  • Can be "free standing" OR bolted to a hard surface
  • Made from MDPE (medium density polyethylene) so it's robust, durable and wetherproof
  • Are made in the UK
  • Use recycled and recyclable materials.
  • Extra Security

    There is no need for padlocks as a 3 point locking system, key operated door is one of the innovative features. A ground anchor provides additional security. 

    Lockerpod Plus Review

    The Lockerpod Plus Bronze and Gold are innovative products designed and manufactured in Britain.  Both models, the Gold and Bronze offer new elements not catered for by the cheapest garden bike storage, the are environmentally friendly, big enough to store 4  bikes, great looking and DON'T need a concrete floor to be fitted on.  One of the main positives though is that they are delivered fully assembled.

    The key operated 3 point locking system will provide security for your bicycles, however if you live in a high crime area, or you are storing valuable bikes then further crime prevention products such as anchors or chains may be advisable.

    Further Information

    More information about this bicycle storage system can be found at The Lockerpods+ Official Site please use the MyCrime2014 voucher code to get a 5% discount.

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    More information about this bicycle storage system can be found at The Lockerpods+ Official Site please use the MyCrime2014 voucher code to get a 5% discount.

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