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Wireless Personal Alarms


Here we look at a range of different personal security alarms for a number of situations, they cost only a few pounds, make a great gift and should really be carried at all times.  A big ugly alarm is one of the factors that puts people off using personal alarms.  The look, feel and weight of an alarm is important, especially to certain groups such as students who are more likely to be affected by robbery, with one in five student robberies taking place in the first 6 weeks of term it is important to start using an alarm early so it becomes routine. 

We start this review of the best personal alarms with two very discreet personal alarms - one with a torch included.  We do not stock these alarms directly, just click on the links or images to get the best deals from Amazon. 

Mini Minder Personal Alarm (in Purple)

Price £8 

                             Mini Minder Key Ring Personal Attack Rape Alarm 140db with Torch (Purple)  


  • This is a key ring personal attack alarm that has received Secured By Design (Police Preferred Specification) and has also received the Gold Award from Sold Secure. 
  • It has a 140 DB siren and a torch facility. 
  • The alarm is loud and is nice and discreet – this encourages use.  We don't sell these personal alarms directly through the site, but just click on the Amazon link Minder Personal Alarm with Torch to be taken to the product.


Minder Personal Alarm


                                                                                      Minder Personal Alarm

  • This Minder personal alarm is one of the best 'traditional' personal alarms. 
  • Personal alarms have been around for a long time, they are one of the cheapest forms of improving personal security.  This device is bigger than some of the other options on this page, an alarm needs to be carried to be effective.  If you are put off by the look of this alarm then consider one of the more 'discreet' options highlighted.
  • It is pull pin activated.
  • This alarm works well as a keyring.  For a few pounds it can provide great peace of mind for you and your family.


Minder Pendant Torch and Personal Attack Alarm 

Price £5

                                                      Minder Pendant Torch and Personal Attack Alarm

  • Minder are a very recognised brand.  This alarm has a very loud 140 decibel siren - that's loud!
  • It has been awarded Police Preferred Specification - this and Sold Secure ratings are awarded to the best products on the market after they have passed a number of key tests.  A great positive.
  • It measures 95mm x 35mm x 15mm.
  • The manufacturers give this product a 5 year warranty - showing their confidence in the product.
  • As a final bonus the batteries are included so you or your loved one could be protected in a few days.
  • The long and thin design helps this unit fit comfortably in users pockets - this encourages use no matter what you are wearing. 

In Summary 

It is important to carry one of the Secured By Design or Sold Secure approved personal security alarms, the devices featured on this page fit into this category.

If you are not keen on any of these products, you may be interested in a range of three alarms (there are many more on Amazon) which haven't received Sold Secure or Secured By Design approval, however they may be more appealing for some users or children to carry.  Any alarm is better than no alarm. Read the full article here personal security alarms.

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