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Personal Safety Alarms for Women

Many sexual offences are not reported to the police for a variety of reasons. We have seen with recent high profile cases many victims do not report offences for many years. These people are still victims and their lives are affected by these terrible crimes.

The Crime Survey for England and Wales 2013, formally known as the British Crime Survey, reports that there has been an increase in sexual offences, an increase of 1% compared to 2012.  These offences do not always affect women, but this article looks at personal safety alarms for women as they are often the victim of these crimes.

There are many different crimes that fall into the heading sexual offences, they include crimes such as rape. Reported rape offences increased by 2% in 2013, as compared to 2012.

Many of the reported offences in 2013 were historic reports of crimes that took place many years ago, these may or may not be related to high profile cases such as the Jimmy Saville case. There are a number of ways you can protect yourself against potentially becoming a victim of these crimes and a number of alarms on the market that may assist. These often only cost a few pounds to purchase, in the text below we look at some of the different options available and plusses and negatives in case you don’t currently own a similar product.

1.  Sure Elite Cordless Attack Alarm

Price £8.45

                                                                          Sure Elite Cordless Alarm - Black

  • A nice little device that isn't too big.
  • It fits easily into a pocket.
  • The alarm is activated by an on / off switch - there is no pull cord for this unit.
  • After the alarm has been set off, you can reset it by pushing the base of the unit.
  • There are a couple of negative points.  It hasn't got police preferred status and it's not as loud as some other options, at 120 decibels it is loud, but 20 decibels lower than a few of the police approved options below.

2.  Sure Elite Cordelss Attack Alarm - Blush 

Price £8.40


                                                              Sure Elite Cordless Attack Alarm - Blush

  • This is the same product as featured in option one, however it comes in a different colour 'blush'.
  • It still has the same pros and cons, but just in a different colour.

3.  Metallic Mini Minder Key-Ring Personal Rape Security Attack Alarm - Police Approved.

Also available in blue, green and silver.

Price.  £8.99

                                        Mini Minder Key-ring Personal Rape Attack Alarm Police Approved 

  • This alarm has received police preferred specification - a good indicator of quality.
  • It also has received Sold Secure Gold award status, in addition to its Secured by Design approval.
  • It packs a hefty 140 decibel siren.
  • The torch is a nice added bonus.
  • One possible negative could be that it is activated by a 'pull pin activation.  There is no single button to press, a pin must be removed from the unit, some people don't like this method.  However it may prevent accidental activation. 
  • It has a good small size (40mm x 45mm x16mm).
  • It has great customer reviews, click on the product picture to read them at Amazon.


4. Mini Minder Key Ring Personal Attack Rape Alarm, with Torch.

Price.  £7.84                                Mini Minder Key Ring Personal Attack Rape Alarm 140db with Torch (Purple)

  • Again this alarm is Secured by Design approved and Sold Secure Gold rated.
  • It has a 140 decibel siren.
  • A torch facility is included.  
  • Compact in size.  (40mm x 60 mm x 12mm).
  • It is pull pin activated.  Some find this an added benefit, preventing accidetal alarm activation, others prefer a button activation.  This is a personal preference.
  • Click on the image to read customer reviews.

Personal Security Alarms:  Summary

These are a few of the many personal safety alarms for women available on the market.  Most alarms are better than having no alarms. These are some of the better ones and hopefuly they will be suitable for your needs.  They are only a few pounds and could provide an additional source of security for you or your friends and family at a time of need.



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