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Lockerpod + Review

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Read the complete Lockerpod Review – Including Negatives

At the end of this Lockerpod Plus review we advise that it’s a great system for most situations, however there are a number of points to consider, so please read on.  There is also a 5% discount code, mycrime2014 to use.

What is the Lockerpod Plus?

  • New and innovative, a great looking and practical bike storage system for your home
  • The secure storage unit that can hold up to four bikes, great for the whole family if needed
  • Independently tested and awarded Sold Secure Bronze status.
  • Systems have a three point locking system with key operated door, providing security
  • Can be free standing or bolted to a hard surface, providing flexibility over site locations
  • Uses a smaller footprint than an average shed, saving you space
  • Is sent to your home fully assembled, there is no need for you to struggle with a flatpack
  • Read on for some areas to consider before purchasing the Lockerpod.

How to order the Lockerpod Plus

Use the discount code MyCrime2014 to get 5% off.

Simply choose what colour Lockerpod+ you would like at add it to the cart, then add mycrime2014 into the 'coupon code' box, click 'apply coupon' and scroll down.  You will see Coupon: MYCRIME2014 and 5% of the cost will be removed from the order total !

Lockerpod Plus Negative Review Points

The system isn’t cheap, but it’s a great product and about the same price as a lot of sheds (which don’t look as nice!)

You may want to order a ground anchor when buying a system, these will give added security – it’s an option to consider, especially if you live in a high crime area.  Ground anchors designed to fit the pods can be purchased when you place your order at

Looks Great, is Green and made in Great Britain!

  • The units use recycled and recyclable materials
  • Made from MDPE, medium density polyethylene, so it’s very robust, durable and weatherproof. 
  • It’s designed and made in the UK – a Great British success story.

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Lockerpod Summary

This is an innovative product, designed by a young award winning British company and has been awarded Sold Secure Bronze status.  The systems are made in Britain, supporting British industry.  That may not be important to you, the environmentally friendly element of the pods and their ability to store two adult and two child bikes in a great space saving way hopefully will be. 

Another very important benefit is it isn’t difficult to put together one of the pods as they are delivered fully assembled!

If you like what you see and want more information, go to and enter the voucher code MyCrime2014 when placing your order at the official lockerpods website 

The team at Lockerpods will deliver your order direct to your door

So go to now and remember to use the voucher code MyCrime2014 when confirming your order, to get a 5% discount.


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