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How Much Does a Lockerpod + Cost

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Why it May be Cost Effective

  • You can store up to four bikes in each Lockerpod+
  • In addition, the price includes delivery and VAT.
  • Taking the cost effective idea one step further, the Lockerpod+ comes pre-assembled, this means you don’t need to worry about assembling a tricky flat packed product, saving you time, and time is money!
  • Each unit has a ultra secure, three point locking system, key operated door.  The advantage of this is you don’t need to worry about purchasing additional padlocks (a cost saving). 
  • Bolts supplied can be used to bolt into a hard standing surface for added security, or you may wish to have it free standing.  Bolts are included as part of the price.
  • If you order from and use the voucher code MyCrime2014 to get 5% off the cost.

How Much Does a Lockerpod+ Cost?

The pricing of these units depends on a number of factors including:


  • What colour would you like the body and door to be.  A range of 17 colours are available, Recycled green unit with green door is the standard.
  • For an extra £50 a Recycled black unit with coloured door is available.
  • An extra £100 gets you a coloured unit with coloured door
  • Or the Stone effect door and body is available for an extra £120.


Added Security

Ground anchors provide added security for bikes.  They are fitted into the ground and attach to your bike.  Ensure your ground anchor is Sold Secure approved.  There is an option to add a Ground Anchor for £19.99 (a good price) and it is Sold Secure tested, however not everyone may want this, so it is optional.

The units have been independently tested and awarded Sold Secure Bronze status,

Delivery Method

Standard delivery Monday – Friday is free, but if you would like to specify a delivery time of before 1pm then this will cost an extra £35.  Again this is an option that you don’t need to take.

Lockerpod Plus Price

If no ground anchor, standard delivery and the rather nice recycled green unit with green door option is chosen then the Lockerpod+ price is £449 + VAT.

If you would like a black, coloured or stone effect door or body the price becomes slightly higher.  Specific delivery times (before 1am Monday – Friday) can bump the price up and so to can additional security features such as the Sold Secure Ground Anchor.

Product Price Overview

Personally a specified delivery time is not too important, however we believe a ground anchor should be considered. 

We can’t advise on what colour scheme to choose, before you click on the link below to check out the colour options available

How to order the Lockerpod Plus

Use the discount code mycrime2014 to get 5% off.

Simply choose what colour Lockerpod+ you would like at, add it to the cart, then add mycrime2014 into the 'coupon code' box, click 'apply coupon' and scroll down.

You will see Coupon: MYCRIME2014 and 5% of the cost will be removed from the order total !

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