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Solar Security Porch Lights

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What is the Solar PIR Porch Light?

The Solar Pir Porch Light is a great motion activated light for a wall, shed, outbuilding or porch.  The light is solar powered and so can be used in locations where you don't have mains electricity but need added security or lighting.  The light is also useful for you if you need to find your keys on the porch at night, however it also provides extra security by lighting areas where motion is detected. 

Criminals don't want to be seen, could a motion activated light help you improve security?

The Solar PIR doesn't need an electrician, has no running costs and works in winter.

Where could I use my Solar PIR Porch Light?

The Solar PIR Porch Light can be used outside and in.  In addition to a porch the light can be used in a number of outbuildings including garages, allotments, workshops, sheds, shelters, stables and tents. Being a solar powered PIR it has two main advantages. 
The first is added security - a criminal doesn't want to be seen. 
The second is the motion sensor makes it easy for you to go to your shed, allotment, porch and have light from a solar powered light that doesn't need mains electricity.

How does the Solar PIR Porch Light work?

The Solar Pir Porch Light uses the solar panel to charge the battery by day.  The solar panel should be south facing, in a position with direct sunlight (no buildings etc blocking the light.)  The light can be mounted both outside and in as a solar security light. 

The PIR sensor activates the light when motion is detected at night.  The PIR detection range is 2m - 6.5m and has 360* detection.  The light will stay activated for 25 seconds.

The light is 70 watt equivalent and can trigger 250 times per night and does not need mains electricity.

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How easy is it to install my Solar PIR Porch Light?

The Solar PIR Porch Light is highly portable,  and can be installed where you don't have mains power.  Do you need a light outside your front door to turn on when you return home and can't find your keys?  Or what about when you enter your shed, summerhouse, allotment or stable - would a light that turns on help and give added security?

Technical specifications for the Solar PIR Porch Light

  • 4.8m of cable between solar panel and light
  • Simple to install, no need for an electrician
  • 12 month guarantee
  • Designed for UK weather conditions
  • IP44 rated and fully weather resistant
  • PIR detection range of 2m - 6.5m
  • Equivalent to 70 watts
  • Can trigger 250 times per night
  • Light will stay activated for 25 seconds
  • Can light for 8 hours when fully charged
  • Contains 36 Super Bright LEDs 9000MCD
  • 0.6W Polycrystalline solar panel
  • Rechargeable batteries 3 x AA Ni - MH 900MAH
  • LUX rating - will work at less than 10 LUX

Dimensions for the Solar PIR Porch Light

Solar Panel Base W: 130mm x D: 100mm
Solar Panel  W: 175mm x H: 130mm
Light unit dimensions Diameter: 145mm x Height: 40mm
Boxed weight 0.54kg 

How do I buy my Solar PIR Porch Light?

The picture is a link that takes you to the exact page on Amazon where you can purchase this security solar powered porch light, just click on the link to be taken straight there.

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