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One of the Best Garden Solar Security Lights

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What is the Astron Solar Floodlight?

The Astron Solar Floodlight is one of the best garden solar security lights.  It is a high-end 40 LED solar floodlight which gives you up to 12 hours of light each night. Unlike solar security lights, which only turn on when they detect motion, the Astron is designed to stay on constantly and is operated by remote control. 

The Astron Solar Floodlight is 100Watt equivalent

Due to this security light running on solar power, no installation costs are needed and there are no running costs!

Who should use a Astron Solar Floodlight?

If you need a outdoor security light that is portable and powerful the Astron Solar floodlight could be for you

How is the Astron Solar Floodlight controlled?

The Astron solar floodlight is designed to stay on continuously through the hours of darkness.  The light can be turned on or off by using a remote control that comes with the unit. 

If the Astron solar floodlight is set to automatic, the light will come on after dark each night.   

How long can the Astron Solar Floodlight stay on for?

The astron solar floodlight can stay on for 12 hours, if the battery is fully charged.  In winter when there is less sunlight to charge the battery, the Astron solar light will stay on for 5 - 6 hours.

Where can I use the Astron Solar Floodlight?

The Astron Solar Floodlight can be used in various locations as it is portable.  It needs to be within 5m of the solar panel, the solar panel needs a good light source.  The Astron solar floodlight is great to use for security lighting in a garden or yard. 

How does the Astron Solar Floodlight work?

In manual mode the light can be switched on or off using the remote control.  This means if the light is mounted on a wall you don't need to climb ladders to switch on or off. 

In automatic mode the astron solar floodlight is off until light is not detected, then the light turns on, lighting up an area the size of 30sqm.  When light is detected on the solar panel, the solar floodlight turns off.

How long does the Astron Solar Floodlight take to charge?

During late Spring, Summer and in early Autumn the Astron will fully charge on most days giving it enough charge to light for 12 hours. 

In winter the Astron will charge up enough to light for 6 hours on all but the worst winter weather days.

How do I install my Astron Solar Floodlight?

  • Find the best location for your solar panel - within 5 metres of where you plan to have the Astron Solar Floodlight. 
  • The solar panel location needs to be as south facing as possible and free as possible from light obstructions
  • Connect the u-shaped solar panel mounts to the solar panel
  • Position the solar panel in the desired location and mark holes in the u-mounts
  • Drill holes, apply screw plugs and screw panel into place
  • Remove bracket from light and position in desired location
  • Mark holes in bracket, drill holes and insert screw plugs
  • Screw bracket into place and reconnect light to it
  • Connect solar panel cable to light and turn on 

How waterproof is the Astron Solar Floodlight?

The Astron Solar Floodlight is IP56 rated.

Waterproofing is rated by the IP (International Protection) system which consists of the letters IP followed by two digits.  The first digit ranks a products protection against solid objects.  The second digit rates a products ability to protect against liquids.

The Astron Solar Floodlight is IP56 rated.  This means it is protected against dust (no harmful deposit) and against strong jets of water, e.g. for use on shipdecks. 

Read Amazon customer reviews for the Astron Solar Floodlight here to help make sure this is the prouct for you.

What are the dimensions of the Astron Solar floodlight?

Height.   21.5cm. 
Width    16.5cm. 
Depth    5.5cm

Solar Panel
Height   35cm
Width    28.5cm
Depth    2.5cm

Technical information for the Astron Solar Floodlight

  • Commercial grade solar floodlight
  • Remote controlled (50m range)
  • IP56 waterproofing
  • 40 bright white LEDs
  • 10 watt solar panel
  • Internal 12v 3Ah NiMH battery - 36Wh capacity
  • Can light for 12 hours when fully charged
  • Will light for 6 hours after an average days charge
  • Robust aluminium housing
  • Glass lens
  • 5m of cable between solar panel and floodlight
  • 12 month warranty
  • Boxed weight 3.5kg

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