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Powerful Solar Security Lights

What is the Astron64 solar security light?

Simply put the Astron64 Solar Security Light is one of the most powerful solar security lights as well as the brightest, most versatile and most reliable.

How does the Astron64 solar security light work?

The Astron64 is powered by a 2.5W solar panel and has 64 suprebright LEDs.  This very bright, reliable and waterproof light can deliver a huge 100 activations of 1 minute when fully charged!  The Astron64 also has a remote PIR for even greater value for money. 

During the day the Astron64 Solar Security Light's 2.5 watt solar panel charges its internal 2500mAh Lithium Ion battery giving it the power it needs to light after dark.

After dark the Astron64 will activate as soon as it detects motion. The time the Astron64 stays lit for is adjustable from 5 seconds to 1 minute. At dawn the Astron64 stops activating and starts charging.

What is remote PIR?

The Astron64 has a remote PIR motion sensor, PIR means the light only comes on when it detects motion.  Because the PIR is remote from the light this allows for greater freedom of positioning.  The Astron motion sensor comes with 20cm of cable which enables it to be neatly mounted close to the light. Also in the box is a 1m PIR extension cable so you can locate the PIR motion sensor up to 1.2m away from the light unit should you wish.   

How waterproof is the Astron64 solar security light?

The Astron64 Solar Security Light is IP56 rated.

Waterproofing is rated by the IP (International Protection) system which consists of the letters IP followed by two digits. The first digit after IP ranks a products protection against solid objects. The second digit after the IP rates a products ability to protect against liquids.

The Astron Solar Floodlight is IP56 rated making it the most waterproof light sold on IP56 means the Astron is protected against dust - limited ingress (no harmful deposit) and protected against strong jets of water e.g. for use on shipdecks - limited ingress permitted. 

How do I install the Astron64 solar security light?

Find the best location for your solar panel within 5 metres of where you plan to have the floodlight. The location needs to be as south facing as possible and free from light obstructions such as buildings, trees, fences, bushes or the shadows that these create.

1.      Connect the u-shaped solar panel mounts to the solar panel
2.      Position solar panel in desired location and mark holes in u-mounts
3.      Drill holes, apply screw plugs and screw panel into place
4.      Remove bracket from light and position in desired location
5.      Mark holes in bracket, drill holes and insert screw plugs
6.      Screw bracket into place and reconnect light to it
7.      Position PIR motion sensor and mark holes using supplied template
8.      Drill holes and screw PIR motion sensor into place
9.      Connect PIR cable to light
10.    Connect solar panel cable to light and turn on 

Technical information about the Astorn64 solar security light

  • Commercial grade solar security light
  • Works reliably in UK winter
  • Can deliver a huge 100 activations of 1 minute when fully charged
  • 64 superbright LEDs
  • 2.5Wsolar panel
  • IP56 Waterproofing
  • 2500mAh Lithium Ion battery
  • Has a remote PIR motion sensor that can be mounted 20cm - 1.2m from the light
  • Adjustable activation time
  • Adjustable LUX threshold
  • Solar panel can be mounted 5m from light


See the bottom of the page for the main difference between the Astron64 solar security light and the Astron solar floodlight. 

What dimensions is the Astron64 solar security light?

Height: 21.5cm
Width: 16.5cm
Depth:  5.5cm

Solar Panel
Height: 13.7cm
Width: 19cm
Depth: 2.6cm


What are the difference between the Astron64 and Astron solar floodlight?

There are 4 key differences between the two lights.

1. Function
The Astron64 is a motion sensor activated light which only comes on when it detects motion. The Astron Solar Floodlight stays on constantly for up to 12 hours a night and is operated by remote control.

2. Battery capacity
Because the Astron64 Solar Security Light only comes on when it detects motion, it doesn’t need a battery as big as the battery in the Astron Solar Floodlight. The battery in the Astron Solar Floodlight is 4 times larger than the battery in the Astron64.

3. Solar panel power
Because the Astron64 only comes on when it detects motion, it doesn’t need a solar panel as big as the solar panel that comes with the Astron Solar Floodlight. The solar panel that comes with the Astron Solar Floodlight is 4 times larger than the solar panel that comes with the Astron64.

4. Brightness

The Astron64 has 64 LED bulbs wheras the Astron Solar Floodlight has 45 LED bulbs. The Astron64 is 30% brighter than the Astron Solar Floodlight, but it can not operate for anywhere near as long.

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