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The Best Chains for Sheds

It is very important to secure the items in your shed in addition to the shed itself as our shed security guide states, but what should you use to secure bikes, garden equipment and even ladders?

As usual we have searched for the best chains available, this chain is made in England and has achieved Sold Secure Motorscooter Silver status, it is called the 'Heavy Duty Chain' read on to find out pros and cons...

What is the Heavy Duty chain?

The Oxford Products HD is a high security product. This chain is Sold Secure Motor Scooter Silver, it is great for securing items in sheds or for bike security.  

This chain is Chain Saw Resistant / Drill Resistant / Sledgehammer Resistant / Boltcropper Resistant 

Reviews of  Oxford HD Chains

There are many customer reviews of this product at Amazon, click on the link below to read them.  Overall it gets a 4.2 out of 5 rating!

Click on the link below to buy this product from Amazon

 Oxford Products OF159 1.5m Heavy Duty Chain Lock with Disc Lock

Oxford HD 12mm Chain lengths and weights

Normal stock lengths are 1.5m   

The item is 3.6kg, this chain is heavy to carry around when not used in your shed!

The dimensions are 22.6 x 14.6 x 14cm

Oxford HD Lock with Disc Lock

As the title suggets a disc lock is supplied with this product for added security.

The product is suitable for use with motorscooters and motorbikes.

Your pride and joy of a motorcycle benefits from a protective sleeve to help avoid scratches.

Two keys come with each lock, all included in the price.

How to Fit the Lock to the Chain

All good quality security chains follow the principle of passing the link at one end of the chain through the link at the other end of the chain, and fixing the lock to the bit that pokes through. I.e. the lock goes on a single link. 

How do I buy a Oxford Heavy Duty Chain with Disc Lock?

Simply click on the link below and you will be taken to Amazon, there you can see a large number of independent reviews to ensure this product is the correct security product for you and your needs.

Why is Shed Security So Important?

We.all store large amounts of items in our sheds, golf clubs, lawn mowers and often bikes, scooters and even motorcycles.  This chain offers protection for bikes, motorcycles and scooters that may need to be stored in a shed.  

The 12mm chain also comes with a disc lock for added security.  

Independently tested this chain has Sold Secure Motor Scooter Silver approval - showing it is fit for purpose.  

For around £40 this security chain can offer peace of mind to high value bikes and motorcycles that may be stored in your shed, don't just take our word for it, read the 30+ reviews that are on Amazon by clicking on the link below.

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