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Sold Secure are an organisation who test security products. Manufacturers can apply to have their products tested by Sold Secure, with those approved gaining the Sold Secure Quality Mark.

Information on these approved products is then sent to crime prevention officers, insurance companies, the Home Office, the public and the media.

What categories of sold secure exist?

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Many people fit crime prevention products to their home or car but often garages are not well protected.

Garages often store thousands of pounds worth of property including cars, motorcycles, bikes, golf clubs and tools.  At best a garage will be joined to a home and an potential thief risks being spotted by the occupants, however some garages are in blocks away from homes.

Even areas that have very low crime levels can be affected by thefts from garages as this recent press articles demonstrates.

Garage burglaries in Thirsk, North Yorkshire.

Garages are often an easier target for criminals and the custodial sentence issued to a garage burglar is much less than for a house burglar. 

There are a number of crime prevention products that could be considered to increase the layers of security for your garage.

The PJB Garage Defender Master With Lock has been tested to Sold Secure Bronze standard and may help put off an opportunistic thief.  

If you need to use a padlock for goods stored inside your garage how about these two, they are not the cheapest, but have both been tested to a high standard.

Ensure your take garage crime prevention measures to prevent being a victim of this crime type.

Other products you could consider are alarm wall anchors.  These help secure possesions to a wall and some have an alarm that can signals if they they are attacked.  

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The Met Police released a list supplied by a burglar highlighting what would deter him and  other burglars from committing a crime.  The list concerns house burglary, however all apart from one, a light shining from inside a room could be extremely relevant for shed burglars reports  It is worth noting that the burglar in question targeted premises without these deterrents.

6 things burglars don't like

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PIR stands for passive infra-red receiver.  PIR security lights are activated when motion is detected with the PIR sensor area, pir security lightscan add extra security to your home, garage or shed.

Do PIR security lights work?

PIR security lights can add extra light to the area around your garage, this may act as a deterrent to a burglar, however they should possibly be considered as one of a range of pir security lights and the valuable property it may store.

View a range of pir security lights here

Sheds often store a lot of property, gardening equipment, bikes, golf clubs and even motorcycles.  This property is often valuable and easy to sell, yet only protected by minimal security measures in comparison to our houses.

The goods stored in sheds can be described as CRAVED.

What does CRAVED stand for?

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