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1. 1 in every 3 students becomes a victim of crime according to crimestoppers.

2. Keep laptops and other CRAVED products out of sight, especially in ground floor rooms.

3. High value goods should be taken home during holidays or ask your university if they have a secure storage scheme. Criminals know when students go home for holidays and will target properties then.

4. Ask the landlord to fit a door phone entry system if you live in a communal block. If your Landlord is not immediately keen on this idea, explain the expense of providing this could be a selling point for the property when he comes to renting the property out the year after.

5. If you have a door phone entry system ensure you use it and know who you're letting in.

6. If you live in rented property ask your landlord to make improvements to security. New window locks may be cheaper to fit than replacing a window.

7. Ensure you have insurance. Home contents insurance will be needed – you may be able to extend your parents policy.

8. Students in halls of residence should always lock doors, even if you are just leaving your room for a short time. Unknown people may be inside your Halls.

9. Take a clear, colour photograph of your property and make a written record of make, model, description and features so you can report it accurately if it is stolen. Alternatively take a video of each room showing property stored, this can be used to help identify stolen property, or may be useful to insurance companies.

10. If you have been a victim of burglary theft report it to your local Police. If the Police are not aware of the problem they will not be able to focus resources into preventing further victims.

1. Keep your doors secure, even when you're at home.

2. Fit a low cost door chain, these cost a few pounds and are easy to fit.


or if you want a bit more security a home security bar could provide extra security.

3. Consider a peephole viewer camera so you can see who is at the door. These devices fit onto the inside of a door using the spy hole and provide a clear image of people who may be calling at your door. This can provide added reassurance and security, especially for older or vulnerable people.

4. Make sure your door frames and the doors themselves are in good condition.

5. Check door hinges are sturdy and securely fitted with strong long screws; hinge bolts could also be fitted.

6. Consider fitting a Letterbox Cage – these prevent burglars putting their hands or specially adapted tools through the letterbox to open the door or steal keys.

7. Fit mortice deadlocks – British Standard BS3621 about a third of the way up the door.

8. Patio doors are especially vulnerable, if you are buying patio doors ask for the sliding section to be on the inside and for anti-lift blocks. 
Multi-lock systems are sometimes recommended.

9. Existing patio doors can be fitted with additional security bolts to prevent a forced entry.

10. If you are replacing your doors make sure it is to British Standard PAS24-1: 1999 – doors of enhanced security

1.  If you are replacing windows, take the opportunity to install new ones that are certified to British Standard BS7950 – windows of enhanced security.

2.  Laminated glass should also be considered for ground floor and accessible windows as this is much harder to break and may put a potential burglar off.

3.  window locks, especially if they are visible, may put a burglar off as they will have to break the glass, risking gaining attention and possibly cutting themselves.

4.  Fit (and use) window locks with keys to all easily accessible windows, such as downstairs, those on a flat roof or near a drain pipe.

5.  Security grilles can be fitted to vulnerable windows, but make sure these are not escape windows, one option could be these House Security Window Grille (solid steel bars) Size 6.

There are many advertised products to protect your home from a burglary, we look at some of our favouites here.

Door Chains and Door Bars

Low Cost Door Chains and Door Security Bars have been around for a long time and offer extra security and the ability for occupants to open the door partially before letting anyone in. don't supply any of these products directly, but they are available from shops such as Amazon for only a few pounds. 

Extra layers of security such as Low Cost Door Chains and Door Security Bars help to increase the protection offered to occupants. 


Solar Security Lighting

solar-security-lightSolar powered security lights offer a great security solution for locations that don't have mains power but could benefit from extra lighting.
This  motion activated porch light is one of the smaller lights that could provide extra security and may be enough to put a burglar off from trying the door.  There are more powerful options available in our range.  Putting a burglar off is the real aim, every extra level of security you have will help. 


 Fake TV


fake tv_overview_image


Fake TV  is quite a new product.  It is a development similar to light timers that switch on and give the impression someone is in your home.

The theory goes that burglars can be put off as they don't want to break into a home with someone in, they then choose another target.

Fake TV is a low cost product (£19.99 + £3 p+p) and could help increase your home security, however it should be used with other crime prevention products and not relied upon by itself.. 




Anti-snap Locks

yale anti_snap_cylinderyale anti snap locks are a cheap, easy to install and effective method of improving home security.  If you are currently asking 'what is lock-snapping' you will not be alone.  Although lock-snapping has been around since 2009 most people have not heard of it.  The problem is due to design problems with most door locks. 

Click on the anti-snap locks link to see a short video showing how to remove your old lock and fit a Yale Anti-snap euro cylinder. 


SmartWater is a subscription based service with over a million users.  SmartWater has recieved extensive coverage on TV programs and have advertised on TV with Donal MacIntyre hosting a number of adverts.  We think this product is very well known, but click on the link below to see more information and watch the SmartWater advert.  SmartWater is a great British company.

Electronic PeepHole Viewers

phv1325-comparisonv1This PHV1325 PeepHole Viewer, (along with the 1330) are two leading PeepHole Viewers on the market. 

The PHV1325 PeepHole Viewer is an LCD screen that lets you see who is on the other side of your door. 

The PHV1330 Digital PeepHole Viewer turns a small door viewer image into a big bright image using an LCD screen.

This could help the elderly or those with poor vision to see who is calling, before opening their door.

PHV 1325 Electronic PeepHole Viewer is a very simple to use, just one button needs to be pressed.

Installation is quick and easy, see the PeepHole Viewer installation video here and the viewer only needs 2 batteries for power.

Standard PeepHoles fitted into doors have poor image quality, in low light it may not be easy to identify who is outside.  .  Electronic PeepHole viewers provide:

  • A clear LCD image to show who is at the door
  • Compensation for low light images
  • Compensation for fish eye distortion
  • Better viewing for those with poor vision

Security Cameras

Cctv cameras and technology have developed greatly recently.  Some security cameras now come with night vision capability and can be viewed over the internet and even on your SmartPhone while you are out or on holiday.  CCTV cameras can act as a deterrent to burglars, however CCTV systems are a more expensive option than the other products highlighted on this page.  Our advice would be make sure you have the other burglary crime prevention products fitted, before purchasing  a CCTV system. 

The systems highlighted on will state if they can be viewed over the internet, free support to ensure internet capable viewing will be provided on all cctv systems purchased through










prevent locksnappingv1

Some Crime Prevention guides are quite long and highlight a number of different crime prevention techniques that can be used to prevent a particular crime type.

This lock-snapping crime prevention guide is not one of them, it is the shortest we have produced.

There is a two stage process to preventing being a victim of Lock-snapping:

1.  Be aware of the dangers of Lock-snapping.  After reading this site you are aware - a great start!

2.  The next thing you need to do is purchase and fit correctly anti-snap locks. 

We advise choose Secured by Design approved, or diamond rated locks from Sold Secure.  Two locks are currently diamond rated, the Yale Anti-snap cylinder lock is probably the most well known.  Watch the video on how to remove your old lock and see what size Yale anti-snap cylinder lock you need,

Of course you can also improve your home security in general, but fitting a Yale Anti-Snap Cylinder Lock is the best crime prevention to prevent lock snapping.

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