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What is the Kryptonite Fahgettaboutit Chain?

The Kryptonite New York Fahgettaboutit Lock 100cm is a big chain for sheds!.  This is a a big strong chain that can be used for securing your bike, motorbike, quad or other valuable item. 

We also show you here what other products should be considered in addition to your big on

Tell me more about this big chain

Lets get the product dimensions out of the way first.  The Kryptonite New York Fahgettaboutit Lock 100cm is big.

Boxed weight 5kg, un boxed 3.9kg

Product dimensions 22.9 x 17.8 x 6.4cm

The product is described as 'the ultimate chain lock for high theft areas'.  Having a big chain will provide extra security, but what exactly will you get for your money?

Dimensions and technical information for the Chain - see the quality

The 11mm chain is quite weighty - they are a fantastic deterrent to even professional thieves, 11mm six sided chain links made of triple heat-heated boron maganese.

Leve attacks are protected against due to the narrow inner width of individual links.

You also get a New York disc lock with 14mm hardened steel shackle.  

Improtantly this product is approved to GOLD SOLD SECURE STANDARD.

Padlock and Chain link design

Included is a hardened steel sleeve, double deadbolt locking, sliding dustcover and very importantly a long lasting cover made from nylon to protect your equipment and stop it from being scratched.  Finally, you also get 3 keys (one of which includes a light for those dark nights).

If you would like to read customer reviews of this product, click on the link below to be taken to Amazon

The price may SEEM expensive, but if this Kryptonite New York Fahgettaboutit Lock 100cm is protecting your equipment, work out how much this is worth and the problems of getting it replaced, then see if it seems expensive. There are plenty of other cheaper options, but this product has been independently tested and apporved and is a big chain!

What Else Could I buy In Addition to my Big Chain?

We really like the Kryptonite Strong Hold Above Ground Lock, click on the link to read further reviews. 

It's called the Kryptonite Strong Hold Above Ground Lock and is an extra secure locking point to be used in a number of locations.  

The shackle is made of 6mm hardened carbon alloy steel and it gets great reviews.

Extra layers of security help to protect you and your property.  A big chain is a great start, these Above Ground Locks can add another security layer to protect you and your property from crime even more.  At around £40 including delivery it is a small price to pay, especially if you live in an area affected by crime.  Consider purchasing chains and Above Ground Locks to protect your property - of course smaller, cheaper options are available.


Kryptonite New York Fahgettaboutit Lock 100cm

Kryptonite Strong Hold Above Ground Lock

It is very important to secure the items in your shed in addition to the shed itself as our shed security guide states, but what should you use to secure bikes, garden equipment and even ladders?

As usual we have searched for the best chains available, this chain is made in England and has achieved Sold Secure Motorscooter Silver status, it is called the 'Heavy Duty Chain' read on to find out pros and cons...

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solar security_light_36

Security lights are a great way of putting potential shed thieves off.  Burglars don't want to be seen, a security light will be a deterrent to a burglar, however setting up a security light and getting mains power to the unit can be tricky and expensive - this is where the next generation of solar security lights come in.

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1. Burglars can be put off by a thorny hedge or prickly plants such as this prickly, but beautiful holly tree . These can also look nice, but can be a real deterrent.

2. A Gravel path is noisy and could draw attention to a burglar. Gravel is one crime prevention technique that is easy to install, effective and can be a true deterrent.

3. When trying to secure a fence from being jumped or climbed over don't use barbed or razor wire or broken glass – you could be held responsible for any injuries to members of the public, even if they are were going to break into your home.  Sometimes a weak trellis is better, as this makes it hard for the burglar to climb over the fence.  

4. Have a look at your garden, try and identify any weak spots, e.g. weak fences or locks and replace them. Ask yourself, if I were a burglar where would I target?  Bolts can be effective and don't need to be expensive, just like this 6" Bolt for only a few pounds

5. Fit strong lockable high garden gates across passageways to prevent access to a burglar.

6. Look for any areas that could use additional lighting. Security lighting should make offenders feel vulnerable and observed. The aim of security lighting is to illuminate high-risk areas and allow occupiers to see any approaching persons. One of the main problems with effective security lighting is the need for extending mains power supplies. There is a good range of solar powered security lighting that does not need a mains power source, read Amazons customer solar security light reviews here. 

1. See the guide to preventing distraction and bogus official burglaries. This specialist guide provides information about 'bogus officials' and 'distraction burglars', who they are and how they operate. This is a must read for anyone knows elderly or vulnerable members of the community.

2. Never leave a spare key hidden in a pot, under a stone, behind a loose brick etc – these places are well known to burglars who will check.

3. Don't leave your car or house keys near a door or window; these can be stolen with fishing rods or magnets. Criminals have used fishing rods or poles with magnets attached to them which they put through a letter box or an open window and then use to hook car or house keys – be aware of this issue.

4. After moving house change your door locks – other people may have a key to the property.

5. If you're out or going away use an automatic timer to turn lights, radios or other appliances on when it goes dark low cost light timer switches may be a help.

fake tv is another product that could be used; this makes it look as if your TV is on and somebody is home.

6. Don't leave your curtains closed during the daytime as it could indicate your house is empty.

7. Ask a trusted friend to collect mail / turn lights on and off if you are going away. Criminals may look for houses with a build up of mail, newspaper or milk deliveries and target these properties.

8. Cancel milk, newspaper and other regular deliveries if you are going away for any period of time.

9. If you are going away consider leaving important documents and valuable items with a trusted person, bank or use your own safe.

10. Don't leave empty boxes of high value goods like laptops outside your home – this advertises the fact you may have just bought an expensive item and a burglar may see this as an opportunity to break into your home knowing you have valued goods inside.

11. Don't buy stolen goods – this creates a market for criminals.

12. Visibly mark property with your postcode, house number and first two letters of your name. If goods are visibly marked offenders may be deterred from stealing them as it is obvious to potential buyers that the goods are stolen.  SmartWater is a good alternative to a standard UV pen.

13. Use a safe for jewellery, watches and cash.

14. If you see anyone acting suspiciously report it to the Police using the 999 or 101 system. The Police can only act on information they are aware of. Reporting suspicious incidents may help them reduce burglary crime.

15. Consider joining or setting up a Neighbourhood Watch scheme, visit or visit your local Police station.

16. If you are purchasing a new burglar alarm consider a remote signalling alarm, with intruder alarms terminating at approved central monitoring stations.

17. Take a clear, colour photograph of your property and make a written record of make, model, description and features so you can report it accurately if it is stolen. Alternatively take a video of each room showing property stored, this can be used to help identify stolen property, or may be useful to insurance companies.

18. If you have been a victim of burglary report it to your local Police. If the Police are not aware of the problem they will not be able to focus resources into preventing further victims. 


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