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What is the PHV 1325 PeepHole Viewer ?

The Brinno 1325 Digital Peephole Viewer is an LCD screen that lets you see who is on the other side of your door.

It's a very simple to use, just one button needs to be pressed.

Installation is very easy - as shown in the video below.

Bogus officials are criminals who trick their way into homes to steal cash and property.  The PHV 1325 lets elderly friends or relatives who have poor vision clearly see who is at the door before they let anyone in. 

The PHV 1325 could also help if children answer the door.

PHV1325 overview


Who would Benefit from the PHV 1325 Peephole Viewer ?

If you have elderly friends of relatives install the PHV 1325 and enjoy peace of mind that they will be able to see who is at the door.

Bogus officials and distraction burglars are criminals who target elderly and vulnerable members of the community.  Purchase the PHV1325 and for bogus official and distraction burglar crime prevention.

Also if you have children who answer the door install a PHV 1325 digital peephole viewer so they can clearly see who is at the door before they open it.

Why is the PHV1325 digital peephole better than the old, traditional peephole?

The most basic home security is the front door. This is the primary entry point in the home, and the method to identify who is there has not changed for many years

The optical peephole has been around for over 40 years and was the best option to actually see who is at the door, however the image quality is poor, in low light the image may not be easy to identify,  The user must place an eye to the door thus darkening the peephole and signalling he / she is home and the height is not right for all people.

The PHV1325 is a good product, but it may not be correct for you, this following link will take you to a page showing a range of competing products, read about them and the customer reviews of each of these Digital peephole viewers so you can make the best choice for your own needs and budget.

The PHV1325 PeepHole Viewer is the digital equivalent of the optical peephole with some major benefits

Clear image in LCD Panel on door, easy to see for people of any height

Compensation for low light images

Compensation for fish eye distortion

How do I Install the PHV 1325 PeepHole Viewer?

The Brinno 1325 Digital Peephole Viewer is simple to install, taking a few minutes as this video shows. All that is needed is to

  1. Replace the original peephole
  2. Remove the peephole lens from outside
  3. Install the base flange and peephole barrel into the door
  4. Install the peephole viewer barrel onto base flange
  5. Turn on and view!

phv1325 installation

Please note.  The PeepHole viewer is designed to work when attached to a peephole in a door.  The optical system is finely tuned to the peephole optics.  If you attempt to use it without it being installed the images will be dark and blurry.

How do I use the PHV 1325 PeepHole Viewer?

The PHV 1325 is very simple to use, once installed it has one button to view. 

  • Simple One Button Operation. Press the Power button under the LCD panel to turn on the viewer and see clearly who’s at the door.
  • The first push of the Power button will put the PeepHole Viewer into “Regular” view mode
  • If the button is pressed a second time while the viewer is still on, the display will go into “Zoomed View”.                       
  • Repeated pressing of the button causes the viewer to rotate between the two viewing modes: “Regular” and “Zoom”.
  • The viewer will turn off automatically after 10 seconds to conserve battery life
  • Any press of the button will restart the timer for 10 seconds.
  • The peephole is very easy to use; if you don't need it do you have elderly friends or relatives who would benefit from it?

How big are the display modes for the PHV1325 digital peephole viewer?

  • Regular display mode shows a field of view similar to that of a digital camera
  • Zoom' display mode enlarges the centre of the PeepHole field of view for viewing facial details. 

  • When batteries need changing simply twist the viewer off and replace batteries before twisting back on again
  • How is the PHV1325 Digital Peephole Viewer powered?

    The PHV1325 Digital Peephole Viewer is powered using two AA Batteries. There is a 'low battery' light to show when these need to be changed. Two AA batteries are supplied with this product. Two AA batteries are good for approximately 1500 'peeps'.

    PHV1325 Digital Peephole Viewer dimensions and technical information

    The PHV 1325 PeepHole viewer has a 2.5 inch display to show who is knocking at your door.  Please note the Peephole viewer is designed to work when attached to a peephole in a door.  The optical system is finely tuned to the peephole optics.  If you attempt to use it without it being installed the images will be dark and blurry.

    MODEL PHV1325
    Peephole barrel                  14mm - fits any door 40 - 69mm thick                 
    View angle Regular mode 99*, zoom to 60*
    Sensor 1.3 Mega Pixel CMOS
    LCD screen 2.5" TFT
    Power source 2 x AA batteries (good for approx 1500 'peeps'
    Size (WxHxD) 146 x 90 x 30mm
    Weight 160g (without batteries)


    How do I buy the PHV 1325 Digital PeepHole Viewer ?

    Simply click on this link to read customer reviews at Amazon Brinno 1325 Digital Peephole Viewer or click on the photo link below and you will be re-directed to the exact page on Amazon where you can purchase these clevel little product.

    There are a number of alternatives to the 1325, this link Digital peephole viewers can show you a range of competing products and the customer reviews given to them.

    A range of Digital peephole viewers and specifically the Brinno 1325 Digital Peephole Viewer are avilable to purchase from Amazon.


    fake tv_overview_image

    What is Fake TV?

    The Fake TV Burglar Deterrent is a light that makes it look like a TV is on in your home and the home is occupied.

    Burglars will look at potential targets searching for easy targets.

    A home that looks occupied due to a Fake TV may put the burglar off so they choose a different victim

    fake tv_product_benefits

    Who Would Benefit from Fake TV?

    If there are burglars in your area or you worry about leaving your house empty Fake TV could be for you

    Look around at night, can you see homes with TV's on and others that don't?  Fake TV will make your house look occupied even if you're out

    Read customer reviews of the Fake TV Burglar Deterrent at Amazon.

    How Does Fake TV Work?

    Fake TV works by making it look like there is a TV on inside your house.  An occupied house is not appealing for a burglar.

    After dusk, when Fake TV is on, it looks like there is a flickering light of a TV on in the room.

    Simply plug the Fake TV in, a built in light sensor turns Fake TV on at dusk and it stays on for a preset time.

    Fake TV

    • Simulates scene and colour changes and on-screen motion
    • Saves energy, consumes the energy of a night light
    • Is small - about the size of a coffee cup
    • Produces the light equivalent of a 27'' LCD HDTV 

    How Should I Use Fake TV?

    Simply plug the Fake TV Burglar Deterrent in where it will light up a room (but where you can't see the Fake TV unit itself from outside).

    Then every night at dusk Fake TV will be turned on by the built in light sensor.

    Fake TV turns off automatically after a switch-selectable time

    where to_put_fake_tv


    fake tv_mistakes_to_avoid

    How do I Purchase Fake TV?

    Simply click on the image below to be taken directly to the exact page on Amazon where you can read the 40+ positive and negative reviews of this product and purchase easily.

    Burglars DO NOT LIKE occupied houses.

    The Fake TV Burglar Deterrent makes it look like your TV is on and your home has someone in

    Fake TV is a small electronic device that produces the sort of light a TV does

    Fake TV makes it look like people are home and an unappealing target for burglars

    Buy FAKE TV today to deter crime

    Fake TV Burglar Deterrent

    v1porch light_1

    What is the Solar PIR Porch Light?

    The Solar Pir Porch Light is a great motion activated light for a wall, shed, outbuilding or porch.  The light is solar powered and so can be used in locations where you don't have mains electricity but need added security or lighting.  The light is also useful for you if you need to find your keys on the porch at night, however it also provides extra security by lighting areas where motion is detected. 

    Criminals don't want to be seen, could a motion activated light help you improve security?

    The Solar PIR doesn't need an electrician, has no running costs and works in winter.

    Where could I use my Solar PIR Porch Light?

    The Solar PIR Porch Light can be used outside and in.  In addition to a porch the light can be used in a number of outbuildings including garages, allotments, workshops, sheds, shelters, stables and tents. Being a solar powered PIR it has two main advantages. 
    The first is added security - a criminal doesn't want to be seen. 
    The second is the motion sensor makes it easy for you to go to your shed, allotment, porch and have light from a solar powered light that doesn't need mains electricity.

    How does the Solar PIR Porch Light work?

    The Solar Pir Porch Light uses the solar panel to charge the battery by day.  The solar panel should be south facing, in a position with direct sunlight (no buildings etc blocking the light.)  The light can be mounted both outside and in as a solar security light. 

    The PIR sensor activates the light when motion is detected at night.  The PIR detection range is 2m - 6.5m and has 360* detection.  The light will stay activated for 25 seconds.

    The light is 70 watt equivalent and can trigger 250 times per night and does not need mains electricity.

    Read Amazon customer reviews of the Solar Pir Porch Light

    How easy is it to install my Solar PIR Porch Light?

    The Solar PIR Porch Light is highly portable,  and can be installed where you don't have mains power.  Do you need a light outside your front door to turn on when you return home and can't find your keys?  Or what about when you enter your shed, summerhouse, allotment or stable - would a light that turns on help and give added security?

    Technical specifications for the Solar PIR Porch Light

    • 4.8m of cable between solar panel and light
    • Simple to install, no need for an electrician
    • 12 month guarantee
    • Designed for UK weather conditions
    • IP44 rated and fully weather resistant
    • PIR detection range of 2m - 6.5m
    • Equivalent to 70 watts
    • Can trigger 250 times per night
    • Light will stay activated for 25 seconds
    • Can light for 8 hours when fully charged
    • Contains 36 Super Bright LEDs 9000MCD
    • 0.6W Polycrystalline solar panel
    • Rechargeable batteries 3 x AA Ni - MH 900MAH
    • LUX rating - will work at less than 10 LUX

    Dimensions for the Solar PIR Porch Light

    Solar Panel Base W: 130mm x D: 100mm
    Solar Panel  W: 175mm x H: 130mm
    Light unit dimensions Diameter: 145mm x Height: 40mm
    Boxed weight 0.54kg 

    How do I buy my Solar PIR Porch Light?

    The picture is a link that takes you to the exact page on Amazon where you can purchase this security solar powered porch light, just click on the link to be taken straight there.

    Improve your crime prevention tactics today

    Read and compare Customer reviews of solar security porch lights from other brands 

    Read Amazon customer reviews of the Solar Pir Porch Light 

    alarm wall_anchor

    There are a number of Strong Garage Wall Anchors available on the market, this article looks at the Alarm Wall Anchor + Secure A Bike 10mm chain + Excell M50 EURD lock .  Products can be purchased directly from Amazon, by clicking on the picture links in the article - you will then be taken directly to the correct purchase page.

    What is the Alarm Wall Anchor?

    The Alarm Wall Anchor is an wall anchor incorporating a loud 143db motion / movement siren.  The alarm is simple to use, the alarm is set by pressing ‘M3’ to activate.  A four digit code is then entered to disarm.

    Who should use a Alarm Wall Anchor?

    The Alarm Wall Anchor is ideal to secure to good solid walls or to secure inside a garage or shed.  The alarm wall anchor could be used for securing bicycles, scooters, plant, machinery, ladders, lawnmowers, tool boxes and gardening equipment.

    Technical information about the Alarm Wall Anchor

    The Alarm Wall Anchor fits chains, cables and u locks up to 14mm

    Powered by 4 x AAA batteries

    Red powder coat finish

    Made in the UK

    What do I get if I buy the Alarm Wall Anchor?

    1 x wall anchor incorporating the alarm

    2 x M10 x 70mm long countersunk security fixing screws, shield anchors, steel ball inserts included for wall fixing. 

    4 x AAA batteries

    How do I buy the Alarm Wall Anchor?

    These products can be bought by clicking on the picture below, you will be taken directly to the exact page on Amazon where you can buy direct.  The option highlighted below comes with a 10mm chain and Excell M50 lock, a nice combination.

     Related Artilce:  How to Prevent Garage Break Ins


     garage defender

    This simple sturdy product is a tested and approved way of improving your garage door security.  It has Sold Secure Bronze award and is made in England. There is a picture link at the bottom of the page to purchase from Amazon - just click on the picture link below if you would like to order one of these clever products.

    What is the Garage Defender?

    The garage defender range is a way of securing your garage door. The defender unit locks onto a solid steel base using a padlock to block the tilt action of the door.

    This product, made in Britain, has an independent concealed armoured padlock.

    What do others think of the Garage Defender?

    Sold Secure have accreditid this product with a Bronze status.
    The Garage Defender featured on the BBC1 TV programme - 'To Catch a Thief'.

    Who needs a Garage Defender?

    The Garage Defender is designed to give added security to up and over garages. If you have high value property in your garage the Garage Defender could give added security for a low price.

    Related Artilce:  How to Prevent Garage Break Ins

    How do I fit a Garage Defender?

    Full fitting instructions are included and fitting should take about an hour. The unit is fitted in front of the garage door with two expandable security raw bolts that are included.

    What do I need to be aware of when fitting a Garage Defender?

    The garage defender is fitted into the ground. If you are applying the unit into concrete then at least 4 - 5 inches of good solid concrete outside the garage door is needed.

    If the unit is to be fitted into tarmac or block pavers then a built in base unit is needed. When ordering be sure to enter 'fit into tarmac or block pavers' and a base unit will be supplied at no extra cost.

    Can I fit my Garage Defender into tarmac or block pavers?

    This Garage Defender unit is designed to fit into concrete. If you require tarmac fitting please click on the correct option above and you will receive the Built in Base instead at no extra cost.

    This Built in Base unit is required when the application site does not have sufficient good concrete outside of the closed garage door (at least 4 - 5 inches is recommended) i.e. where tarmac or block pavers are present.

    To use the unit simply excavate a 250mm deep hole and fill with a good 3-2-1 concrete mix.

    The below unit is free when requested in preference to the bolt down base with the Garage Defender Master and Padlock

    Read customer reviews and compare products in the garage defender range to ensure they meet your exact needs.

    How do I order my Garage Defender?

    Simply click on the picture of this product below, you will then be taken to the exact page on Amazon where you can purchase the product direct. 

    Dimensions for the Garage Defender

    Weight 4kg

    Don't be a victim of crime - invest in your crime prevention today

    The full garage defender range can be found here

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