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There are two main types of burglary, a burglary dwelling and a burglary Other Than Dwelling.

A burglary Other Than Dwelling is also known as a burglary OTD.  Burglary OTD is split into two main groups, commercial OTDs and domestic OTDs.

Commercial OTDs are crimes such as shops being broken into overnight with criminals stealing stock.
Non-commercial OTDs involve places such as a domestic shed or a garage in a block being entered by a criminal.
there are a large number range of products to help protect you from being a victim of burglary OTD, these include:

Solar Security Lights

v1porch light_1

The Solar Pir Porch Light is a great motion activated light for a wall, shed, outbuilding or porch. The light is solar powered and so can be used in locations where you don't have mains electricity but need added security or lighting. The light is also useful for you if you need to find your keys on the porch at night, however it also provides extra security by lighting areas where motion is detected.

Criminals don't want to be seen, could a motion activated light help you improve security?

The Solar PIR doesn't need an electrician, has no running costs and works in winter.  You can watch a video showing how easy it is to install this Solar Security Light here

Big Padlocks for Sheds

squire 50cs_padlock

 This Squire SS50CS padlock is big and comes well tested, it has been awarded

  • Sold secure Gold
  • CEN 4 rated
  • and comes with a guarantee from Squire

CEN is the main European lock standardisation and approvals body. A higher CEN rating indicates a higher security lock. CEN 1 is the lowest on the scale and CEN 6 is the highest rating.

Sold Secure Gold is a great.  Sold Secure is an independent British security testing and approvals organisation that awards Gold, silver and bronze for most products,

Read more about the this big padlock for sheds and garages here. 

Alarm Wall Anchors

Strong shed and garage wall anchors can be useful for many situations.  The Alarm Wall Anchor is ideal to secure to good solid walls or to secure inside a garage or shed. The alarm wall anchor could be used for securing bicycles, scooters, plant, machinery, ladders, lawnmowers, tool boxes and gardening equipment.

Read more about alarm wall anchors here.

alarm wall_anchor

Garage Defenders

The Garage Defender is a simple sturdy product, tested and approved way of improving your garage door security. It has Sold Secure Bronze award and is made in England.

The Garage Defender is designed to give added security to up and over garages. If you have high value property in your garage the Garage Defender could give added security for a low price.  

Read more about the garage defender.

garage defender

Can a burglary to a house be classified as a burglary OTD?

There can also be a range of other burglary OTD locations which may not be so obvious.  For example a house may be burgled, but NOT classified as a burglary dwelling, IF there is nobody living at the premises and the amenities such as water, gas and electricity are not in place or have been disconnected, this is a burglary OTD.

Over recent years burglaries to uninhabited homes have increased due to criminals targeting copper piping, boilers and other valuable metal products that are part of the fabric of homes.

If you are a landlord or own a second home that is not occupied you become a victim of an OTD with property such as metal work targeted.  Be aware of the value of goods within your home and take crime prevention measures to make them less vulnerable. report a burglar who had committed over 70 offences in London has provided information to Police stating what he – and most other burglars would put them off committing a burglary.  The burglar provided the checklist to Police before being jailed at Woolwich Crown Court.

Detectives highlighted this list to prevent further people from being victims.

Detective Chief Inspector Paul Astbury said "The list speaks volumes.  We will use it to reiterate the need for people to protect their homes."

Read more: 6 things I don’t like by A BURGLAR

+prevent locksnappingv1

The BBC is reporting on 'lock snapping' - if you haven't heard of lock snapping or cylinder snapping as it is sometimes called have a look on YoutTube, it is quite shocking how easy it is to enter a 'locked' home.  You may also wish to read our infographic on locksnapping, click on the image at the base of this page to view it in full size.

Where to Buy an Anti Snap Lock

Yale Anti-Snap Locks - Bright Nickel

Lock snapping accounts for up to a quarter of all burglaries in some areas. 

There has been a rise in Lock snapping since 2009, one force – West Yorkshire stated a quarter of all burglaries committed used the lock snapping technique.  Lock snapping has also been recorded in other force areas.

Lock snapping is simple to do, force is applied to cylinder door locks and it snaps in two.  Vulnerable locks are fitted to millions of properties, usually UPVC or double glazed doors.  If you haven't fitted a new lock in the last two or three years you may be at risk from being a victim of lock snapping.


Ch Supt Money, from West Yorkshire police said "These locks are vulnerable to this type of attack but it can take between 50 seconds and two minutes to force the lock."

How can I protect against being a victim of lock snapping?

These anti-snap locks cost about £30 and are very easy to fit – watch the video here.  Help protect your home against the new trend of lock snapping.

 Yale Anti-Snap Locks - Bright Nickel

antisnap locks_thumb






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