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Fitting an Anti Snap Lock - Video

How Hard is it to Fit the Yale Anti-Snap Euro Cylinder?

This article about the Yale Anti-Snap cylinder is a halpful guide that covers fitting an anti snap lock - video included to make things easier.

How do I fit a Yale Anti-Snap Euro Cylinder?

The Yale video below demonstrates how to measure and fit the Yale Anti-Snap Euro Cylinder lock.  You can also view, download and print this guide to help with the process.

To measure your lock go 1min 41 seconds into the video.  This also shows you how easy it is to fit the Yale anti-snap Euro Cylinder.

How do I know what size Yale Anti-Snap Euro Cylinder lock to fit?

Remove the lock currently in your door and measure the lock.  This lock can then be re-inserted until your new Yale Anti-Snap Euro Cylinder has been delivered.

Locks have an inside and outside measurement, watch the 'how to fit your Yale Anti-Snap Euro Cylinder' video to see exactly how this is done.  Then, after choosing the colour of your lock (brass or nickel) choose the size of lock you need then order from Amazon by clicking on the link below

Yale Anti-Snap Locks - Bright Nickel Yale Anti-Snap Locks - Bright Nickel

You can watch this on the Yale video (above) and this is shown clearly.

What colours Yale Anti-Snap Euro Cylinder are available?

Yale Anti-Snap Euro Cylinder locks are available in Brass or Nickel finishes.

How can the Yale Anti-Snap Euro Cylinder protect my home?

The Yale anti-snap Euro Cylinder lock has a number of features to protect your home against a burglar who uses a lock snapping technique.  These features include:

  • A snap-off front section.  This is designed to come away if the cylinder is attacked to give the intruder less of the cylinder to grip
  • Hardened grip defenders.  These make gripping the rest of the cylinder difficult.
  • A reinforced bar.  This is designed to flex to defeat potential intruders who want to snap the lock.

What do others think of the Yale Anti-Snap Euro Cylinder?

Tthe cylinder is suitable as a replacement product on PVCu, wood and composite doors that require maximum level of security against physical and manipulation attacks.  Amazon customer reviews can be read by clicking on this link 

Yale Anti-Snap Locks - Bright Nickel Yale Anti-Snap Locks - Bright Nickel

 You don't have to buy a anti snap door lock, there are plenty of alternative, less expensive cylinder locks for doors however they may not have all of the features of this door lock.


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