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Does Lock Snapping Happen

The question is often asked does lock snapping happen and if so where does lock snapping happen and and does lock snapping happen in my area.  This article will tell you where has lock snapping taken place and how you can tell if you have anti snap locks.

Where Does Lock Snapping Happen

Lock snapping was first reported in West Yorkshire, but is spreading with cases reported in at least 17 other Police Forces. Worryingly many Police areas don't keep records on lock snapping cases.  We know that lock snapping has been recorded in 18 police areas, but there may be more areas

Where Has Lock Snapping Taken Place

West Yorkshire has received the most publicity with programmes featuring on BBC1.  There have also been reported cases in Bedfordshire, Cumbria, Devon & Cornwall, Dorset, Dyfed-Powys, Gwent, Leicestershire, Manchester, Merseyside, Northumbria, Norfolk, Northamptonshire, Nottingham, South Yorkshire, Staffordshire, Surrey, West Mercia and Warwickshire.

Lock snapping is simple to do, force is applied to cylinder door locks and it snaps in two. Vulnerable locks are fitted to millions of properties, usually UPVC or double glazed doors.  It is therefore likely that the problem will increase.

Do I Need a Anti Snap Lock?

Many people are unsure if they need to replace their current locking devices.  In simple terms if you haven't replaced or fitted new door locks since 2008 then you may be vulnerable.  Don't be put off, they cost only £30 each and are easy to fit as this video shows.

Buy Yale Anti Snap Euro Locks

Where to Buy an Anti Snap Lock

Many websites sell systems, however not all are equal.  Please ensure, like the systems meet certain criteria, 

Yale Anti-Snap Euro Cylinder 

1.The lock must state "anti snap", not just "anti bump" and "anti pick"

2.It should be SS312 approved

3.It must come in the correct size for your door

Choosing the correct size is easy, as shown in the video above and they can easily be fitted to any door without the need for a locksmith.


SS312 is Sold Secure's diamond rated approval. Sold Secure is a testing organisation run by the Master Locksmiths Association, they test a range of locks to ensure they meet required standards.  Only locks that have SS312 approval should be purchased, make sure SS312 is stated in the product description.


AntiSnap Locks are currently needed in some areas more than others, however that can quickly change as more criminals become aware of this burglary technique. SS312 approved locks are quite low cost (about £30), so why take the risk of NOT fitting them to your home?


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